Spoiler Warnings: Who Joins A Corps In Green Lantern Corps #57?

With the battle between the Qwardians and the Sinestro Corps going anything but according to plan (unless you’re on the Sinestro Corps, then it’s going amazingly), and the Green Lantern’s present powerless to do anything unless they want to break the fragile truce between the two Corps, and even Firestorm being around and unable to really turn the tide, the Weaponer is left with a hard decision.

He can continue fighting, his people can get slaughtered, his world destroyed, maybe if he’s fortunate he and a few others would survive and try to rebuild. Or he can take the yellow ring, and he can join Sinestro. The best thing about the scene though, honestly, is that it isn’t stated. Sinestro mentions his people slaves, and after much of the issue building up just how expendable the Qwardians are to Sinestro, as a whole, it becomes clear that the Weaponer sees his options. Fight and risk extinction for his people, or submit and maybe his people survive.

Sure, these are the same people who exiled him for making the original yellow ring, but they also came to his aid in this issue and fought alongside him against the Sinestro Corps.

There is no way what he did was an easy decision to make, selling his soul like that, but everything he has done thus far has been because of what Sinestro did to Qward after he helped the former Green Lantern regain his power. It only makes sense that he would give the ultimate sacrifice to save his people.

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