TOY FAIR 2011: DC Direct (Blackest Night, Green Lantern, Flashpoint & More)

Here are the images of the DC Comics based DC Direct figures. Here is what you will see in the images:

Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 1
-The Joker
-Harley Quinn

Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2
-Batman (Armored)
-Poison Ivy

Batman: Arkham City Series 1
-Harley Quinn
(3 others TBA)

Quarter Scale
-The Joker
-Harley Quinn

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Series 1
-High Seas Batman
-Witch Hunt Batman
-Prehistoric Batman
-Wild West Batman

Batman Inc. Series 1
-Man of Bats Batman
-Knight Batman
-Robin (Damian)

Flashpoint Series 1
-The Flash
-Wonder Woman

Justice League Icon Series 1
-Wonder Woman
-Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Green Lantern: Rebirth 2-Pack
-Rebirth TPB
-Hal Jordan
-Sinestro (Green Lantern)

Green Lantern Series 4
-Hal Jordan (Translucent)
-Guy Gardner (Red Lantern)
-Arkkis Chummuck

Green Lantern Series 5
-Guy Gardner
-Brother Warth
-Soranik Natu
-Green Lantern Sinestro (Not Shown)

Brightest Day Series 1
-Green Arrow

Brightest Day Series 2
-Martian Manhunter

Brighest Day Series 3

Blackest Night Box Set
-Black Lantern Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
-Green/Blue Lantern Hal Jordan
-Indigo Tribe Munk
-Star Sapphire Fatality

Blackest Night Busts

Green Lantern Movie Busts & Props

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