Spoiler Warnings: How Do The Fantastic Four Handle The Death Of Johnny Storm In Fantastic Four #588 By Jonathan Hickman?

The entire issue is silent to memorialize Johnny. Ben Grim, the Thing, handles the death poorly and, frustrated, gets into a fight with Hulk and Thor that leads to both Thing and Thor shedding a tear.

Susan Richards, at first, breaks down, but eventually finds strength when looking at a statue of her fallen brother. This can be inferred to be due to the visit from the future of her daughter Valeria.

First, Mr. Fantastic checks the Negative Zone, where he sees Annihilus mocking him with the Human Torch’s shredded shirt. Richards is then attempting to be a good husband and support Sue. Finally, Reed Richards quietly and grimly assesses all the incredibly high level threats that he has to deal with going forward in an intense scene when his father shows up.

Valeria Richards and the rest of the kids, sans Franklin, plan how to kill Annihilus. The children are clearly hurt and will do what children do- lash out.

Franklin is sitting alone, blaming himself for his uncle’s passing when Spider-Man shows up to try and cheer him up. They discuss the passing of their uncles, forming a bond as Spider-Man explains Uncle Ben’s influence. This is a fantastic scene that has been popping up in previews, although there’s more to it here.

Glazer’s Take: It’s just wonderful to see the First Family treated as if they are so important once again. This is Marvel’s best book.

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