Spoiler Warnings: How Does The Mutant Resistance Begin To Fall Apart In Age Of X Chapter 1 And 2, X-Men Legacy #245 And New Mutants #22 By Mike Carey?

In Age of X, the remaining mutants are hunted into their final fortress with Magneto in charge of their last stand against humanity. This stand begins to unravel when Rogue, here called Legacy or the Reaper, goes to the jail cell and meets Kitty Pride, who has been outside the stockade, and absorbs some of Charles Xavier’s powers.

Glazer’s Take: Honestly, this has left me cold. There’s a lot of Claremont-like exposition here and it takes away from the issue. Carey should have more faith that readers can figure things out. Also, I kind of hate Rogue and Gambit. Casting them in lead roles? Not endearing the series to me.

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