Jim Ross on Chris Jericho in WWE, Triple H/Undertaker for Wrestlemania 27, Sin Cara’s Debut

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On Sin Cara and when JR thinks he will make his debut: Sin Cara….not sure when he will debut but assume it will be after WM27. I know both Raw and Smackdown brands are keenly interested in the young, masked performer. He’s very talented and will dazzle many with his high flying skills. If you’re not familiar with Sin Cara go on You Tube and check out ‘Mistico.’

On Michael Cole’s character on television: Michael Cole…no one in WWE has done a better job of developing a new persona than has Michael Cole over the past few months.

On the possibility of a Cole/Lawler match at Wrestlemania: The question is will Cole accept King’s WM27 challenge and if so will Cole have any ‘demands’ that Jerry will have to acquiesce to in order to make the WM27 match happen? This is nothing new to King who dealt with the same issues with Andy Kaufman and Jimmy Hart back in the day. I’m highly interested in this matter for a variety of reasons.

On Ricky Steamboat, who is celebrating a birthday: Happy Birthday #58 to Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat who is one of the best in ring performers I ever saw. Fans still talk about the 1989 NWA Title bout that Ricky had with Ric Flair in Chicago on a WCW PPV that I had the privilege of handling the PXP. Steamboat’s skill set was spectacular and he is a great teacher of fundamental wrestling skills today.

On Chris Jericho and whether he thinks Jericho has made his last WWE appearance: Chris Jericho continues to explore options outside the world of pro wrestling with the announcement of being included on the next ABC’s Dancing with the Stars cast. Jericho’s book ‘Undisputed’ is the best wrestling book that I’ve read in a long, long time and I suggest that you check it out. It’s honest and eye opening on a variety of fronts. With that said, do I think that Chris has wrestled his last match? Nope. Do I think that Jericho will return @ WM27? No.

On making an appearance at the WWE House Show in Oklahoma City: I’ll be appearing at the WWE OKC live event on Sunday March 13 at 3 p.m. doing some ring announcing. Not sure if WWE is coming back to Oklahoma City this year, I hope that they do, so if you want to see the RAW brand live this is a great opportunity. Tickets are still available for the matinée.

On the Undertaker and Triple H: No two men in WWE take more pride in their profession than do ‘The Game’ or the ‘Deadman.’ Gotta assume that ‘The Steak’ will once again be the show closer in the Georgia Dome the first Sunday in April. If I was a WWE Superstar, no jokes please, I wouldn’t want to follow Undertaker vs. HHH.

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