Eric McCormack, Not a Wrestler, Starring in WWE’s Barricade

A WWE Studios film without one of their superstars as the hero? That’s apparently the case with Barricade, an upcoming supernatural thriller. Eric McCormack (of Will & Grace fame) is slated to star.

To be directed by Andrew Currie (Fido), the feature, which will shoot in and around Vancouver beginning in late March, is the story of a psychiatrist, seeking to find normalcy after the sudden passing of his wife. So like any good dad, he thinks trip to the woods to a remote cabin will do the trick. Nothing like evergreen trees to help the healing process.

Unfortunately for them, the family is terrorized by unknown forces while at the cabin. Now it’s up to Eric McCormack, doing his best Ash Williams impression (fingers crossed) to save the kids and himself.

While McCormack may headline Barricade for this WWE Studios production, I think it’s pretty much a given that we can expect one of the superstars or on-air personalities to have a walk-on role somewhere in the film. How about Kane in a “Boo” Radley type role?


Source: Heat Vision