Cast set for Cockneys vs. Zombies.

It’s seems the unstoppable juggurnaut that is the Zombie film genre shows no signs of slowing down as news crops up about an upcoming British film.

Michelle Ryan (Bionic Woman), Harry Treadaway (City Of Ember), Honor Blackman (Bridget Jones’s Diary) and Jack Doolan (Cemetery Junction) have all signed on to star in Matthias Hoene’s feature film debut, Cockneys vs. Zombies.

Written by James Moran (Severance), the film follows a gang of bank robbers as they battle their way out of a quarantined London when zombies are unleashed.

However, I’m finding conflicting plot elements on various websites. HR is saying that it’s the bank robbers that unleash the zombies while quietearth presents a more length plot synopsis where in “[during] the excavation works for the Olympic Games, an ancient tomb harking back to the days of the Black Plague is opened. The archaeologists are struck down by a mutated virus that turns them into brainless man-eating creatures.”

Whatever the plot I can’t help but think one thing? As a British zombie comedy, how will this stand up to Shawn Of The Dead? While the major plot elements are nothing alike, Shawn certainly set the standard for zom-coms and this being another British one will place it under even closer scrutiny.

Either way, I’m always down to watch some people, Cockney’s or otherwise, take down a zulu horde, so I for one will be watching the development of this film closely.


Source: Hollywood Reporter