Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Future Plans Revealed?

After saying he was interested in a handful of scripts for his next film project and leaving it somewhat vague, the former Governor of California will be announcing his next big project soon.

Per the Hollywood Reporter, April 4, Schwarzenegger will be revealing the first details about his new TV project. Interesting considering a couple days ago Tom Arnold perhaps gave a clue to the Guvernator’s intentions in his first film back.

True Lies 2, with a script said to be in development by James Cameron and Jeff Eastin (creator of USA’s White Collar), is what Arnold seems to be eyeing for his comeback vehicle. Per the former Mr. Roseanner Barr:

“I think True Lies 2 is going to be the follow-up to that. I am excited. All I can say right now is, I know that Arnold and I will work together. A lot of people are sending him scripts now. He is carefully going through them, deciding what he wants to do. He wants to have some fun. He wants to do something that is worth his time, but fun. Hopefully, we can get this thing figured out. And we can get something on track. I am just waiting. I am following his lead.”

This has all the potential to be a triumphant comeback for the former king of the box office … or perhaps a potential disaster in the waiting. I speculated on this a month ago and it seems that Arnold might be aiming to come back as an action star.

What do you think? Is Arnold too old now and the world of action movies changed too much for him? Or does the success of The Expendables show the market for that sort of throwback action film still exist?

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter