10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 03.28.2011 – WrestleMania Preview, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker,

Well after a week absence, I AM BACK! Like The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Snooki.  One is not like the other, but I digress.  Props to Kelly Floyd for taking over for me last week while I was down in Florida with no computer access.  Let’s get down to it as it’s time for my 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw!

1.  Often time I forget how great Punk is on the mic.  Punk went from cherishing the crowd as his people to abruptly calling them mindless sheep and saying he didn’t care if they were punted in the head.  The fact that Orton’s leg is too hurt from his ambush last week to use the punt is a great advantage for Punk and just proves that Punk is a mastermind, always thinking one step ahead.

2.  Edge picks up big momentum by beating Brodus with the Spear, but Del Rio would pick up the scraps by incapacitating Christian and Edge with his armbar.  Del Rio has taken that Armbar and really made it into a deadly maneuver that is a force to be reckoned with.  I thought it was a weak finisher at first, but now, after seeing how well Del Rio is utilizing it, it just looks vicious when he applies it.

3.  All I can say about Sin Cara is that he had better be great for how many video packages that WWE is doing for the guy.  I can’t remember the last time I saw that many videos for a debut.  Carlito maybe? It’s been awhile…

4.  So Santinslov is added to Show and Kane against The Corre.  I must say I am disappointed, but they do make more sense than Kofi and Christian.  But if Santino wins the match with the Cobra… I might just stop watching WrestleMania during the show.  And please let’s just forget Kane did the whole trumpet thing… its funny when Santino does it, but not Kane.

5.  The Triple H/Undertaker/HBK face-off was absolutely… awesome.  Everything from HHH cutting Taker off AGAIN and then Taker turning the lights out on him (where’s Rock when you need him eh?), to Shawn asking the question about why Hunter thought he could do what Michaels couldn’t, to Trips calling HBK out on stealing the show at Mania without winning, to the personal story about the Undertaker being a legit badass and fighting through injuries, to just feeling the respect radiating off of Trips and Taker, to Shawn refusing to tell Taker that Trips can beat him: ‘you can’t.’  This face-off alone made this entire feud worth it.  If it had not been for this feud I could’ve cared less about this entire match.  Bravo WWE for finally making this storyline interesting.

6.  Now attention WWE superstars:  If you will watch closely Jerry The King Lawler will now show you how to properly swing a steel chair and not look like Jeff Hardy or like Pee-Wee Herman.  Jerry really looked fired up to hit Cole and this feud has been red hot!  It’s really one of the most interesting matches on the card and it doesn’t even have any current superstars in it!

7.  I hate that JoMo and Dolph are being wasted in a 6 man tag at the PPV with Snooki and LayCool.  They could have a stellar bout, but no they need to be the crutch for LayCool and Snooki. sigh

8.  The Legion of Doom/Road Warriors going into the WWE HofF is definitely a duh.  They held the titles everywhere they went and were arguably the best tag team ever.  IMO they are.  Congratulations guys. RIP Hawk.

9.  The brawl was a little crazy as Snooki looked drunk out of her mind! Only a few things to like about these kind of brawls, but they really only appeal to one gender if ya know what I mean.

10.  The Rock. The Miz. The … Marine? Erm anyways, the end of this night really made implications for WrestleMania even more tense.  Rock gets to layeth the SmackDowneth on Miz, but Cena got the last laugh with an FU (not AA) to The Rock.  Both Rocky and Cena hit home with their remarks and the fact that they aren’t fighting at Mania is infuriating.  It should be a triple threat with Rock not even having to get in the ring for more than a few moments at a time. Ahh well..

Altogether, a great go home Raw and I’m stoked about Mania!  This has been one of the best go home shows I’ve seen.  Well I’ll see you Wednesday in “The O’Really Report” where I cover the WrestleMania card and what SHOULD happen.

Thanks for reading.

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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