Brock Lesnar Comments on what occurred with Undertaker

Not 100% sure on the source for this; CB Sent it along:

“In a new interview with Brock Lesnar posted today at, Brock Lesnar finally addressed in detail the situation that played out at UFC 122. After his title loss to Cain Velasquez, he and Undertaker crossed paths as Taker was conducting an interview. Undertaker shot him a look, Lesnar shot a look back at him, and Taker said, “Let’s do it.”

Lesnar told Ariel Helwani that he was delirious when he left the Octagon and saw Undertaker shooting him a look. He said Velasquez put him on “a street he didn’t know the name of.”

He said he heard Undertaker was going to be there that night. He said he enjoyed working with Mark (Callaway) in the ring. He said they have a mutual friend and some things were said that “pissed me off.” When asked what he meant by “let’s do it.”

Lesnar said he heard about something Taker said to him and he was pissed after it was relayed to him. He said he didn’t know if he was there to fight or get some attention.

When asked if he felt Taker was disrespectful toward him by calling him out after a fight, Lesnar said pro wrestlers were a part of his life years ago and he thinks they see him having success outside of their universe. “There isn’t one other pro wrestler who can do and make the change like I did. So I think there’s some animosity there. I can always go back and be a pro wrestler; they can’t go back and be an Ultimate Fighter.”

He said he doesn’t know or care if they’re jealous of him. He said that night as he walked past Taker, the last conversation he had with him was a year prior to that, and he heard that he said a few things about his wife that he wasn’t happy with so he decided to rebut it. He said he wasn’t even conscious when he walked out of the Octogon. He said Taker wouldn’t have a shot in hell if he wanted to make a transition to UFC to fight him.

He said he hasn’t talked to Taker since and he doesn’t feel a need to. He said he doesn’t want to get caught up in other stuff. He said he is focused on coaching TUF and preparing to fight Dos Santos.″

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