Greg Mottola Helming Aaron Sorkin’s HBO Pilot

Currently revisiting the Shout! Factory release of Aaron Sorkin’s Sports Night on DVD, the news that Sorkin is once again doing another behind-the-scenes series about a cable television show makes me happy. Instead of sports or a variety show like Studio 60, the series will be rooted in TV news. It marks the showrunner’s first stint with working outside of the confines of network television.

Recently, it was announced that Jeff Daniels was in negotiations to play the central character, Will McCallister, host of his own cable news program. Still to be cast is the female executive producer and his staff.

The latest news is that Greg Mottola will direct the pilot. Coming off the success of Paul, Mottola again finds himself venturing back to TV directing. He previously worked on such short-lived faves as Undeclared, Arrested Development and The Comeback. Mottola’s resume also includes the films The Daytrippers, Superbad, and Adventureland.

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