News – Australia Loses TNA Impact

In “even when you lose you win” news (yeah, okay, start flaming me for that one right now, TNA’s flagship Impact show is no longer being broadcast in Australia.

Fox8, which aired it, could not come to agreements in its renegotiation with TNA allegedly. So we now have repeats of Chuck and Two And A Half Men to watch instead.

Three things went against Impact.

First, it is broadcast on pay-TV. That means most Australians who are wrestling fans do not see it. Pay-TV is expensive and the uptake of it is slow, especially with 15 free-to-air TV stations.

Second, Fox8, in their infinite wisdom, broadcast it at an hour when no one is watching TV.

Third, and this is probably the biggie, one of the free to air digital channels is showing Xplosion, the one hour Impact recap show. (That’s what I catch when I can.)

So to any Australians out there, sorry. Go along and watch Riot City Wrestling live instead. It’s much better for you.

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