Major Doctor Who Spoiler (and speculation)

A Major Character Dies in Season Opener Of Doctor Who!

The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out this Thursday, and will feature four collectible covers.

Steven Moffat tells DWM:
We’re not lying, we’re not cheating: one of those four people is going to die! When I came up with this heart-wrenching twist, I thought “We’ll kill off one of the leads in the season opener.” It lures you in.

This issue also confirms the widely expected date for the premier as being the 23rd April on BBC One.

Skitch Commentary: I really hope they don’t kill Rory again. Twice is more than enough. He probably is the most likely target, but I am really hoping they don’t go that route.

If they kill the Doctor, he’d regenerate. Even if they somehow managed to justify him keeping the same look, it isn’t going to have that much of an impact. They’ve already pulled the “surprise, no regeneration” trick at the end of season 4.

River Song, we already know how she dies. Unless this story takes place AFTER “Forest of Death,” it is very unlikely she will die here. Though I guess there are ways to make that work. Moffat does love messing with people’s heads.

But my money is on Amy Pond dying. I don’t see it sticking all that long though.

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