Official Images of McFarlane SportsPicks College Football Series 3

Here are the official images of College Football Series 3 by McFarlane.

-Joseph Addai (LSU)
-Adrian Peterson (Oklahoma)
-Troy Polamalu (USC)
-Ray Rice (Rutgers)
-Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska)
-Tim Tebow (Florida)
-Beanie Wells (Ohio St)
-Charles Woodson (Michigan)

Collector Level:
Gold Joseph Addai (Purple Jersey)
Silver Adrian Peterson 2 (Red Jersey)
Silver Beanie Wells (White Jersey)
Bronze Tim Tebow (Blue Pants)
Bronze Troy Polamalu 4 (White Jersey)
Bronze Charles Woodson (White Jersey)

Also, the regular Ray Rice figure is a Toys R Us Exclusive. These figures are due in stores in June.

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