Grant Morrison Introduces New Mystery In Batman Incorporated: Who Is The Wingman?

In the most recent issue of Batman Incorporated we were treated to Bruce traveling across the globe and giving us looks at quite a few of his international Batmen as he hunted down the mystery of Leviathan. The book featured some name brand Batman Inc. members like Night Runner, Blackbat (Cassandra Cain), and several others. This panel, however, stuck out to me.

A new member of Batman Inc is using the Wingman name, who was formerly one of the ‘Batmen of all Nations’. Now, this Wingman couldn’t be the one Morrison previously used in his run on Batman, a he was sure to kill that one off. So this means a new character…well, not so much new. Look how Bruce talks to him, notice the emphasis on keeping a secret identity from the readers. Notice how he, unlike every other Batman Inc recruit, knows Bruce is Batman.

So who is he? Could it be Jason Todd, with his upcoming Red Hood persona in Batman & Robin being a cover up? Is Jean Paul Valley back from the dead and nobody told me? Who do you think it could be?

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