10 Thoughts on WWE Raw 05.30.2011 – R-Truth/Cena, A-Ry Apologizes, Kharma Speaks, Punk/Rey

Welcome to the 10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw!  I’m Rhett Davis and many thanks are in store for Kelly Floyd as she covered last week for me.  Without further adieu, let’s do it.

1.  Technical difficulties ran rampant in the opening scene, but it wasn’t hard to understand that R-Envy was mad about all of Cena’s merch while he has nothing.  The sound was terrible and kept flickering in and out throughout the segment.

1a.  I did like how King covered saying that R-Truth would think that this was a part of the conspiracy against him.  Bravo King for that.

1b.  It’s nice seeing ole Zack Ryder getting some notification from Truth, even if it was just him saying ‘Even Ryder got a shirt!’  And if you want to check out my column on Zack Ryder and co. just click… wait…

2.  Match of the Night most definitely was Kofi and Ziggles.  They put on a clinic, and I generally don’t like Kofi’s matches as they don’t stray very far from the same pattern.  Well done gentlemen and the hairpull into the Zig Zag was a nice touch Mr. Ziggler.  Oh and thank God he went back to his blonde hair.

2a.  Did anyone else see Billy Gunn resemblances when Dolph used the Fame-Asser?  No? Physique, Bleach-Blonde hair, and used a Fame-Asser?  C’mon now…

3.  Alberto reminds us of why he is the best there is, was, and ever will be… on the mic.  Just kidding, but the guy cuts some fantastic promos.  Billing Big Show for the damage to the car?  Awesome.

4.  Well Alex Riley didn’t apologize, but he gained a theme song, yet another beating for Miz, and a decently large pop when he came out!  At this rate, he will be more popular than Kofi and Evan in a matter of weeks.  Then again… I very well do see a Marty Janetty-like future after that.  As in one awesome feud and then slowly diminishes back into obscurity.

5.  CM Punk/ Rey Mysterio was also a great match-up, but I don’t look forward to these gents feuding again.  There are plenty of fresh heels for Rey to feud with instead of Punk who could be elevating younger talent.

6.  Speaking of heels, there are WAY too many awesome heels on Raw for so little compelling faces.  The only legit faces on the show who can hold their own in the ring and out of it are John Cena, Rey Mysterio, partially John Morrison, and really that’s it.  Kofi just doesn’t compel me with his storylines and Bourne could possibly, but as of now he is yet another bland babyface.  The heels have to have someone to feud with.  The elevation of Bourne is perfect, but it’s not enough.  They need another face and Drew McIntyre or Chris Masters would be  a prime candidate.

7.  It’s sad to see Kharma go as she really was the silver lining for the Divas’ Division or so it seemed.  But on a side note, how can King call Vickie fat for the entire Dolph/Kofi match and then get offended when Cole agrees with the Bella Twins when they called Kharma fat?  I know that King doesn’t like Vickie, but did she ever really do anything to him personally?  It would have made more sense in that case.  We all know that King is on the face’s side while Cole is on the heel’s, but it’s redundant to attack Vickie for her weight and then defend Kharma.

8.  So is Zack Ryder just going to forever appear in Cena sightings backstage?  They need faces yet they just have him appear backstage not doing much of anything.  He is so charismatic that it kills me the E doesn’t see it.

9.  It may have just been me, but R-Truth looked really sloppy in the main event.  He took a clothesline straight to the face by being in the wrong place, he stumbled a couple of times over the steel steps, and overall… he looked lost at places.  Was he trying to get a count-out the entire match?  He spent more time on the outside than inside the ring.

10.  Overall the show was pretty good with not too many negatives.  Ziggler/Kofi, Punk/Rey, and Swagger/Bourne were all great matches.  Cena/Truth and the Divas matches were what they were, but nothing spectacular nor terrible.  Kharma said her goodbyes, and A-Ry said hello.  With the exception of the technical difficulties, a pretty decent Raw.

Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments in the section below…

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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