Daily Disc Deal: Tom Hanks / Tom Cruise Appreciation

Two of the biggest box office stars in the 1990s were Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. But before they were the titular characters in Forrest Gump and Jerry Maguire, they were either dreaming of The Color of Money, or wishing they were Big.

Fans of both or either will be happy to know that Amazon has marked down a number of films on Blu-ray to their lowest prices.

For Cruise, they include The Last Samurai ($9.95), Rain Man ($10.49), War of the Worlds ($11.99), Collateral ($11.99) and Minority Report ($12.49).

For Hanks, we have the Sapphire Series release of Forrest Gump ($11.99) and Road to Perdition ($11.99).

Click on any of the links below and add them to your collection today!

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