Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE TNA Impact Wrestling Destination-X 2011 PPV Coverage

Welcome to Pulse Wrestling’s LIVE coverage of TNA Destination X 2011.

The show begins at 8pm Eastern. Check us out on Twitter!

The six sided ring is back! And also the announcers tonight are Mike Tenay and JB Jeremy Borash. Discussion between myself and Daniels as to whether JB is just a douche in character or also in real life.

Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe
Joe even curtain jerks the all X-division ppv. Crowd is hot for Joe and celebrates with him in his early offens on the outside. Action moves back into the ring, and Joe is mostly in control. Not sure I can take JB’s voice over half the broadcast for the whole PPV. Kazarian with a jumping tornado DDT for a 2 count and he goes on offense. Joe rebounds and locks in a chinlock for a close submission. Kaz is out, dropkicks Joe, charges but Joe throws him out to a big pop. Huge JOE chant. Out of nowhere Kaz rolls up Joe for the pin.
Winner: Kazarian

Solid match, probably could have been more but got the crowd hot until Joe got pinned.

We see Christopher Daniels arrive in a car and he parks in a no-parking zone. Is that Russo giving us clues for a heel turn? Only a heel would ILLEGALLY PARK.

Eric Young enters where Curry Man, Suicide and Sangrieto are signing autographs. Then Shark Boy comes out and dances with EY. They will be tag partners tonight in some match!

Doug Williams vs. Mark Haskins(!)
Mark Haskins has the opportunity of a lifetime, claims Tenay. He is wearing a fur coat. Doug Williams on the mic, he had an open challenge and he’s glad to see a countryman take up his challenge. Mat wrestling to start with dueling rollups and 2 counts. Williams takes a breather. Back in and Williams takes control. Hard clothesline lands Haskins on the back of his beck on the apron. Beats on Haskins on the floor and moves him back into the ring. Williams picks up Haskins for a Cop Killer-type move but then backs Haskins head/chest first into the turnbuckle. Botched slingshot clothesline by Haskins gets 2. Awkward sequence with Haskins avoiding offense then hitting a Stunner/cutter like move for a 2 count. Williams up top, comes down for a standing nothing so Haskins can hit a superkick. Haskins goes up top to booes from the crowd, slips off to more boos. Goes for a shooting star press but misses Williams, who rolls him up.
Winner: Williams

Williams raises Haskins’ hand after the match as a sign of respect.

A very zoftig So-Cal Val interviews a returning Austin Aries. He has a pink vest. He is back, gonna win, etc. Good promo.

Generation Me (Max & Jeremy Buck) vs. Eric Young & Shark Boy
What a wonderful surprise match for us fans. EY now has Ultimate Warrior-style ribbons on his boots. Lots of flying in a short, fast-paced match.
Eric Young & Shark Boy

After the match, EY gives Shark Boy one of his belts.

Interview with Daniels backstage.

So Cal Val interviews Zema Ion about the four way match.

Video package for Ultimate X.

Ultimate X
Shannon Moore vs. Robbie E. w/Cookie vs. Amazing Red vs. Alex Shelley

I’ll recap some high spots and big moments. Enziguri by Red on Robbie E and Robbie does this huge conniption over-sell. Grouped up in the corner and Shelley does a Russian Leg Sweep sending Robbie’s head into the middle turnbuckle, cool. Red with a moonsault off of the back of Shannon Moore onto Robbie. Lots of spots where one guy goes for the X and they are stopped. Go RED Go chant in the Impact Zone. Robbie goes for the X and Red missile dropkicks him off. Action moves to the scaffolding above the Ultimate X red cables and battling occurs near and around the X. Alex Shelley grabs onto the X and is about to get it down. And he does!
Alex Shelley

Chris Sabin came out to celebrate with Shelley.

So Cal Val interviews Low Ki, he’s happy wrestling matters here.

Jerry Lynn/RVD Video package.

Jerry Lynn vs. Rob Van Dam
Dueling chants. Tentative lockups to start. Mat wrestling settles into an arm bar by RVD on Lynn. Crowd is hot for RVD. Lynn dodges some RVD offense and goes up top, but RVD hits a spin kick to the head. RVD climbs up and goes for a superplex, but Lynn fights him off. More kickin’ in the ring sends Lynn to the floor. Climbs in, and RVD bafflingly goes for a handshake in the middle of the match.. Lynn grabs RVD and tosses him to the floor. Lynn follows, brawling on the floor. Moves back into the ring and Lynn slows down the match with some heat on RVD. Side headlock. Brawling to the floor and back in, and RVD with some offense. Rolling legdrop. Lynn brings in a chair, RVD goes for Van Daminator, but Lynn does a Mortal Kombat sweep and ends up a Lynn legdrop onto RVD on the chair. Lynn reverses RVD into a powerbomb off the turnbuckle across the ring onto the chair again. Sick bump by RVD! RVD is busted open and is bloodied up. RVD hits a spinning kick sending the chair into Lynn’s face then the Five Star Frog Splash for the pin. Great match.
Winner: RVD

Both guys sell in the ring after the match as RVD’s music plays.

So Cal Val interviews Jack Evans backstage.

Zema Ion vs. Austin Aries vs. Low Ki vs. Jack Evans
Winner gets a contract. All four guys are flying around to kick things off. Aries is cocky in the ring and builds up to a cool three corners dropkick by the others on Aries in the center of the ring. Settles into Low Ki and Zema in the ring, and Low Ki with a submission attempt. Aries breaks it up. Rollups from Zema and Aries ends in a sick dropkick by Aries onto a seated Zema. Aries and Low Ki face to face jaw-jackin’. They both put opponents in submission holds. Aries releases his first and attacks Low Ki. Other 2 guys clear out to the floor and Aries and Low Ki do a one on one sequenece. Highspot missed by cameras and both down, Evans tries a scavenger pin for 2 on each. Zema Ion back with a pin attempt for 2 too. More action and all four guys are down in the ring. Settles down to Low Ki and Aries in the ring. Low Ki goes up top, but Jack Evans pops up on the apron, springboards to the top and does top rope huricanrana for 2. Drags Low Ki to the corner and goes up top, but Zema Ion breaks it up. Zema hits a 360 flip front splash onto Low Ki for 2. Evans clears him out, goes up top for the 630 bomb but Low Ki gets his knees up. Aries with a drop kick onto Low Ki and hits a brainbuster for the pin.
Winner: Aries

Highlights of the match, really good match and PPV thusfar.

So Cal Val comes down to ringside and interviews Aries, who says he’s the greatest man who’s ever lived.

Video package for Abyss vs. Kendrick

X Division Title Match
The Monster Abyss (c) vs. Bryan Kendrick

Ugh Abyss. Mostly Abyss beating down Kendrick. He goes to consult a book that is in the corner (the book of Dilligaf?) but nothing comes of it at first. Abyss goes back to beating down Kendrick. Kendrick with some offense and then flies onto Abyss on the floor. Holy Shit chant. C’mon Impact Zone. Abyss is busted open and his face is bloodied up. Back inside and Kendrick hits a missile dropkick for 2. Goes for Sliced Bread #2, but Abyss reverses into a Shock Treatment backbreaker for a 2 count. Ref bump 🙁 Kendrick hits Sliced Bread but there is no ref. Bischoff comes down. The rest of Immortal comes down. Here comes some X division faces. It’s a TNA BRAWL RIGHT HERE IN THE IMPACT ZONE. Tenay is mad, he’s not screaming. He calmly describes this scene. After a while of chaos, Kendrick goes up top, but Abyss GOOZLES him. Kendrick reverses into a victory roll for the pin and the title.
Winner and NEW X Division Champ: Kendrick

Red confetti filles the Impact Zone and a huge celebration happens.

Video package for AJ/Daniels.

AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels
Both get mild reactions from the crowd, but crowd is loud for early back and forth. Styles into a submission to slow things down a bit after the first minute. Some running and dodging in and out of the ring, ending in a standing faceoff and applause. Tons of offense by both guys. Nice sequenece with each trying a submission, rolling thru and Daniels settling into a crossface of sorts. Chops by both ending in a standing enziguri by AJ and both guys are down selling. Styles with a springboard but slips and falls on his face, Daniels covers for 2. Styles pulls Daniels off the top into a torture rack, then drops him in a powerbomb-ish for 2. Awesome spot. Daniels puts AJ on the top and does a flipping snapmare/powerbomb off the top rope for 2. Daniels goes for a middle rope springboard moonsault but AJ dodges and does a middle rope springboard into an inverse DDT for 2. More reversals, into a ROCK BOTTOM by Daniels. Styles hits the Styles Clash but Daniels kicks out to a mild pop. Styles back up, goes to the apron. Top rope springboard 450 splash but Daniels gets the knees up. Locks in the Angels Wing’s and AJ kicks out, also to a mild pop. Finally AJ goes up to the top, hits the Spiral Clash and gets the clean pin.
Winner: AJ Styles

Another really strong match.

AJ goes for a handshake, but Daniels hesitates. Finally they have a manly handshake.

Overall the in-ring action was really strong in this event, but there was a cloud of knowing nothing really matters. In reality, TNA’s whole roster should be the guys on tonight’s show. A great look at what could have been in TNA.

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