DC Comics Relaunch: Jim Lee Makes Green Arrow & Arsenal Booze Hounds?

During SDCC, DC released quite a few Jim Lee concept sketches for the DC Comics Relaunch. Included in that were Green Arrow and Arsenal as well as the rest of Arsenal’s “Outlaws”.

What’s interesting about the pictures could be the fact Green Arrow / Oliver Queen looks a lot younger than in the past and has lost his full van dyke goatee. He has a new modern age scraggly goatee. And, he has a new occupation.

Arsenal, presumabley Oliver’s former sidekick Roy Harper, has new tattoos all over himself and favours a baseball cap as part of his costume. Pretty casual on that Outlaws non-team team, no?

What is most revealing?

Well both seem to like alcohol a fair bit. Oliver has it in his right hand and Roy has it his left. Looks like Oliver is more blue collar fancying the beer in a tin, while Roy may be a hard liquor guy. Welcome to the new DC! 🙂

Also released during SDCC was an interior page from the DC Comics Relaunch’s Green Arrow series by artist Dan Jurgens. No alcohol in that black and white shot on your right. Great action sequence and showing Oliver do things I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do.

It looks like the DC Comics Relaunch’s “iconic” version of Green Arrow is the one seen on the Smallville TV show.

So, what do you think?

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