X-Men Regenesis: The Gold Team Revealed!

Yesterday Marvel went ahead and unveiled the Blue Team, and today they were nice enough to show off the Gold!

X-Force is pretty straight forward, and I doubt anyone guessed that team wrong.

Rachel Grey fills the last spot in X-Men Legacy, though I will personally lament the loss of Legion from the cast.

X-Factor is losing nobody, despite the last pre-Regenesis solicit saying a character will die. They do however pickup X-Factor alumni Havok and Polaris, which is kinda sorta really awesome.

Beast, Kid Omega, and apparently Idie round out Wolverine and the X-Men, and while Beast I probably could have guessed just based on history and his current dislike of former BFF Scott Summers, but Kid Omega? He’s the villain in Schism! Idie makes sense given that she is being shoe horned into the Kitty Pryde/Jubilee role.

Now, where’s X-23?

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