Glee – The Purple Piano Project – Episode 3-1 Review

“The Purple Piano Project” has one moment that feels real and human–Rachel and Kurt breaking down in the car, realizing that they aren’t so special before finding a small ray of hope. It’s their final year of high school and they were eager to move ahead in their lives and reach their Broadway dreams, an overriding theme that’s been emphasized many times in the past. It is crushed instantly, however, when they see the other talented kids perform. After seeing them strive so hard in the past two seasons–and becoming good friends in the process–it’s impossible not to feel for them in their sadness and hopefulness.

Sadly, this is Glee, where the good usually comes with a whole lot of bad/mediocre. The writers apparently still think rapid firing plots is a good thing to do. So, following their example, I’ll quickly rundown the rest of the plots. Sue’s going wild again, Quinn is full-on weirdo (but she still wants to be in the club, as the fleeting glimpse of her in the final scene indicates), Santana is kicked out of the club, the new girl Sugar sucks at singing (at least she doesn’t rely on Auto-Tune…), and Blaine decides to leave his super-awesome school and join McKinley all for Kurt. None of this is an urgent matter, so we’ll see how long it takes for the entire club to come together and win nationals.

Score: 8.0/10