WWE Friday Night Smackdown Taping Results For 10.28.11 [Spoilers]

WWE has taped the matches and promos for this Friday’s Smackdown. Click on thru for the full results!

Cody Rhodes vs Ted Dibiase: Ted chants to start. Good back and forth but Ted needs work in firing up for a comeback. Cody hits Ted with his mask and then hits cross roads for the win in 10:08.

-Ezekiel Jackson vs Jinder Mahal: not that good. One of our crew said this was for the future endeavors championship. Jackson makes jinder tap (Jinder taps Jackson’s head) to the torture rack in 3:53.

Booker T to a huge pop.
Cole out to huge heat.

-Teddy Long comes out then the open to Smackdown happens. They recapped the show- Henry match. Long says the status of the title will be addressed tonight. Christian interrupts and lobbies for a title match saying he’s dominated the brand for five months. Teddy responds with logic: he got his head kicked off by sheamus so no more playa.
-Then CM Punk interrupts but Christian lobbies for one more match . Punk hilariously rips Christian for bitching. Has to be seen to know how funny this bit is. Long states that some of the Raw stars will be here for a super Smackdown since Raw had been having Smackdown stars.
–Punk runs down Johnny ace and he and Christian have a good back and forth. Punk is over huge here. Punk
Challenges Christian to a match and Long makes the match. It’s Punk vs Christian later.

1. Miz and Truth vs Air Boom: good back and forth but truth and Miz win relatively clean in 5:41 w their combo finisher. Post match promo from both heels promising to take Cena apart if Rock doesn’t first.

2.Guys shown in the locker room . Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan argue about the Bret vs Shawn DVD and santino says they should have a match. They throw to a recap of the Nash -hunter angle from raw.

3. Wade Barrett vs Trent Barretta: Barrett wins a near squash with the wasteland in 2:30.

4. Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler: before the match starts Cody and entourage baggers come to ringside while Cody does commentary. No “excuse me” not heat for Vicki. Randy and Vicki have a staredowm outside the ring. Orton Superplex spot on dolph was over based on the pay per view. Nearfalls for both w good heat . Orton shrugs off a sleeper attempt to hit the RKO for the win in 12:27. After Orton points to the u.s. title On Vicki’s shoulder and mouths “I don’t want that.” not sure if that will be shown on tv.

5. Recap of mask vs mask match w hunico promo in Spanish and English.

6. Tyson Kidd vs Daniel Bryan: Bryan wasn’t over at first which given how he’s booked should be no surprise. Bryan wins with the labell lock in 2:44.

7. Cole cuts a promo about the match w Ross on raw. He uses photoshop photos of Ross in embarrassing ways for heat.

Big Show comes out to a big pop to cut a promo. “Oops I did it again” he says about the superplex spot. He puts Henry over as a tough guy and brought a good fight. Wants Henry in a rematch . Henry comes out at this point. No rematch for Big Show according to Henry . He’s done with Big Show. They get ready to fight and Henry backs off to heat.

8. CM Punk vs Christian: Huge Punk chants especially with kids. As Punk has Christian for the Go To Sleep, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez come to ringside. Punk goes for GTS but is distracted by Ricardo . He then goes for the elbow and crotched by Del Rio while Ricardo distracts the ref. But Sheamus distracts Christian and Punk hits the GTS for the win in 10:50.

I think we go dark at this point.

-41 man battle royal w sin cara regal and Orton who mocks sheamus’s pose while walking down the ramp right in front of sheamus.
Dolph throws sin cara out. Orton throws out a couple then Miz throws him out. Final two Miz and sheamus. But Christian was hiding and the real final two are him and sheamus. Sheamus wins in 9:00. Christian wants “one more match.”

– John cena vs Alberto del rio
Cena gets reaction of the night w boos and cheers. “Let’s go cena/ cena sucks” chants abound. Del rio gets a masters degree from the zbyszko school of stalling. Del rio with a promo mid-match. The match goes 5:45 . He runs Houston down stating we have no class. He won’t put the title on the line but calls mark Henry to the ring to fight cena. They double team cena until big show…. Runs to the ring. Teddy makes it a tag.
Big show-John cena vs Alberto del rio-mark Henry: dueling chants again. Heat on cena and hot tag to show. Cena with the attitude adjustment on Alberto and show chokeslams Henry for the double pin in 8:38.

And that’s it from Houston.

Jason Hess

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Source: Wrestling Observer