Lanny Poffo Comments on Vince McMahon, WWE, and His Brother Randy Savage

I Met A Wrestler website Interview: Lanny Poffo
Host: Daniel Donnelly
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On Vince McMahon: “If it weren’t for Vince McMahon, we wouldn’t even know who the Macho Man was.”

On Owen Hart: “”If he hadn’t had that horrible accident, he would’ve been one of the healthy and wealthy ones.””

On Kevin Nash: “What an excellent person, what a great performer.”

On Rick Martel: “He’s better than I am. He’s not gotten a divorce, he’s healthy and he’s wealthy.”

On Hollywood style stunts in wrestling: “When my brother was in WCW, one time he jumped off the top of a building with Sting. He said he was scared to death. I couldn’t have done it.”

On the passing of his brother: “I had to look at him in the casket, and that’s one thing. But I did not count on being there with my mother and seeing her view the body. That…I wish I could take out my brain and hold it under a faucet to get rid of the memory.”

On Hannity & Colmes: “If I ever get back there, I’m going to not be so nice.”

On “Roid Rage”: “Four women a day are killed in North America, and their husbands didn’t take steroids. Or nobody mentioned it, at least.”

On Lanny’s own steroid use: “My sex drive was gone. But I was married at the time, so it didn’t matter.”

On Politicians: “They feather their own nests with the tax payer’s money. And who does it? Everybody – the Democrats AND the Republicans.”

On the Wall Street Protests: “These people who are protesting are not fit to flush….a bunch of sorry ass people and I’m ashamed of all of them.”

On the Indie Circuit: “I like working the indie scene because at least it gets me out there. I like to travel, and it makes me feel young again in the ring, but I feel like I want to give the fans a refund when they see me drag my fat butt into the ring.”

Why his shoot fight with Greg Valentine hasn’t happened: “He didn’t want to do the match, so I just thought it would be rude of me because the fans have been screwed so many times. It would be rude to have them pay to see the match when you know very well that Greg’s not going to show up because he’s a cowardly bastard.”

On being one of the few ’80s guys to still be healthy and wealthy: “I’m absolutely saddened, and I get no satisfaction out of being the last living wrestler from the ‘80s. I wish everybody had saved their money and saved their health.”

Other Topics

-How Lanny wound up reciting a Genius style poem at a drunken bachelor party in Atlantic City

-Dealing with aggressive fans in the 70’s, and why he didn’t have to worry about that once he made it to the WWF

-Having to watch his mother endure the funeral of her son, Randy Poffo, and what the fan reaction to Randy’s death meant to Lanny

-How he felt about his treatment at the hands of Hannity & Colmes during the Benoit tragedy, and his real experiences with steroids

-The current US economy, and the Wall Street protests

-His recent troubles with Greg Valentine, and why he believes that “…Greg is so hard up, he has no money and he’ll steal yours.”

-His opinions on such notable names as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jesse Ventura, Owen Hart and others.

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