Glee 2011 Spoilers: Sex Aftermath, Sebastian’s Return, Revelation That Blaine Is A Junior

Where do things go after “The First Time” episode?

Well, Sebastian doesn’t return until Episode 8 and will apparently be much more forthcoming with his intentions for Blaine. Grant Gustin says his character will be both loved and hated.

“…some people are going to love him because of that quality and some people are going to hate him, because in episode eight it is taken to a new level. I think you see a little bit more of his true intentions and his true colors.”

In addition, there could be additional trouble for Blaine and Kurt? Apparently so considering the former is still a junior while Kurt will graduate this year.

“Kurt has got to get accepted into that school [first], so I don’t know. We’ll see. Maybe Blaine will skip a grade, who knows?” Chris Colfer told E! Online.


Source: E! Online