10 Thoughts on WWE Monday Night Raw 12.12.11 – The Slammys Award Show

Welcome to the 10 Thoughts on Raw, and let’s not waste any time.

1.  Well the good part about the JR/Cole rap is that it was first. Putting everything dumb about WWE into one segment and getting it out of the way.  Seriously we had Horny talking, JR doing the spinarooni and forgetting his rap, Cole rapping terrribly, and Booker T with his uninterpretable ramblings.  At least that’s out of the way.

2.  Yeah I’m going to have to say that the RKO on the steps or the powerbomb through the ladder were bigger than the ring collapsing, but hey we’re young; we don’t remember 2003 so it’s astonishing.  I mean the Slammys are just used to propel storylines nowadays right? Right.

3.  Hey it’s Road Dogg! Hey no one in the audience knows who he is… I bet they know who D-X is!  But I doubt they realize that at one point in consisted of more than two guys. (Don’t you dare count Horny, don’t you dare.)

4.  So Triple H Tombstoning Taker won over Punk leaving with the title? Really WWE? Really? This is why the WWE Universe only gets to vote for WWE Superstar of the Year because they wouldn’t have picked that over Punk leaving.  That was the storyline of the year not Trips pulling the casket out from under Taker (heh) by using his own move against him. I believe Kane and Orton have both done the same thing…

5.  Well the fatal-4-way match was actually really good and was an ‘Internet-darling’ match as we had four of the most popular on the web in there.  Dolph wins to maintain momentum until TLC where he finally loses his belt.  These fatal-4-ways are the kind of matches we should be having on PPVs!  It gets more guys involved and makes the matches more unpredictable!

6.  Man… I’ve missed The Miz in the top title spot.  That promo he cut on Punk as he laid in the armbar through the ladder was the exact reason I named my old column after him.  Miz is awesome and really does impress on the mic.  I’ll be more excited for this feud once del Rio is moved out of it.

7.  Kane is back! And that entrance was awesome.  Kane comes back wearing a Predator mask to take out Cena and then reveal his actual mask which is a half-mask.  So Kane debuted before Brodus Clay?  Weird deal there.  Oh and yes, as someone e-mailed me and said… SuperCena now has an enemy for TLC… and he didn’t even use a water bottle to lay them out. Bravo.

8.  Was it just me, or was that Johnny Ace (Laurinitis) promo amazing?  They even included Dynamic Dude material and really made the whole night in my mind.  The best part of the show had to be this, the Kane return, and the fatal-4-way.  Bravo on this video WWE.

9.  Hey wasn’t Christian injured last year for the Slammy’s too?  Man, Christian where have you been?  Is he legit hurt?  Or has it been kayfabe?  I feel like I missed the boat there.

10.  Oh and yes, I actually like David Otunga in the role he’s in now.  He gets his ass kicked occasionally when the time calls for it (Holiday Special) and he’s charismatic enough that he can play the second-string to Johnny Ace.  Keep Otunga there and he’ll do fine.  Just don’t put him in the ring again… not for a long time.

Thanks for reading and…

Quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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