J.J. Dillon Talks WWE Hall of Fame, Comments on Four Horsemen Inductees and Incarnations

J.J. Dillon was interviewed by the Busted Open Radio Show about his WWE Hall of Fame Induction. J.J. also had plenty to say about both his fellow inductees and other incarnations of the Four Horsemen that are not getting inducted:

Dillon on Ole Anderson in the Four Horsemen: “When I think of the reign of the Four Horsemen, and of course I responded this way in interviews over the past 25 years, that the original Horsemen with Ole will always be special for that reason, because it was spontaneous coming together of all these guys that had already enjoyed great success in the profession at that point, and there was something about the chemistry that clicked.”

Dillon on Barry Windham: I have always said in the terms of the in ring product, what we got bell to bell, the third grouping with Barry Windham was for me the best. Barry was young, tall, good looking, extremely athletic to do anything in the ring. He just complimented everyone else.”

Dillon on why Barry Windham was chosen for the HOF over other members: “If you look at it from strictly a business standpoint, Barry was a behind the scenes agent at one time for the WWE for a number of years. His father Blackjack Mulligan is already in the WWE Hall of Fame. If you were picking out all the combinations of the Horsemen, the one that included Barry, I think other people would agree too, that was when we were at our absolute best.”

Dillon on whether he thinks Ric Flair will show at the HOF ceremony: “You know when Shawn Michaels was inducted, Ric wasn’t invited but he was there, he bought a ticket, was in the audience. He can kind of get away with things that other people can’t. Who knows what’s going to transpire in the next 60 days as far as Ric. But knowing him as I have for as long as I have, seeing him there would not shock me.

“Whether it’s in an informal status or whatever it is, it would be good to see him, and if it ends up being just Arn, Tully, and myself, and I think Barry because of his health issues is a question mark at this point. Whatever it is, it is still an incredible honor. It’s a very humbling thing and the pinnacle of my career. It validates everything that I accomplished in 40 years, spanning five decades in the wrestling profession.”

Dillion mentioned Dusty Rhodes, Blackjack Mulligan, and Triple H as possible people to induct them.

CB’s Slant: Please don’t have Triple H induct them. After all, he just inducted Shawn Michaels last year and it wouldn’t be much fun to see Hunter on stage again speaking about a group he has no real in-ring history with outside of Flair.

If they do want someone inside the company to do it, why not Dean Malenko? At least he was a part of the actual group at one point.

Who do you think should induct the Four Horsemen into the WWE Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Source: ProWrestling.net

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