TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for Thursday 2.23.12 (Bully Ray, Sting, Bobby Roode, Brandon Jacobs)

TNA Spoilers for 2.23.12:

Segment:James Storm and Brandon Jacobs came out for a promo where Jacobs calls out Bully Ray to the ring. Ray talks smack about Jacobs saying he played poorly did in the Super Bowl. Bully Ray declined to fight Jacobs and so Jacobs said if he isn’t coming to the ring then he will take the fight to Ray himself. Jacobs then chased Ray, who escaped to the back.

1. James Storm and Jeff Hardy (with Brandon Jacobs) fought Bully Ray and Kurt Angle to an apparent no contest. A table was introduced to the ring mid-match and the match finished with Bully Ray taking a Choke Slam through the table from Jacobs. Jacobs then says Storm’s catchphrase as he and Storm celebrate.

Segment: World Champion Bobby Roode came out for a promo and proclaims he ended Sting’s career as one of his lifetime achievements.

2. Samoa Joe and Magnus defeated Matt Morgan and Crimson to retain the World Tag Team Titles. Crimson again accidentally hit Morgan, then Joe and Magnus hit their finishing combination. Crimson walked out on Morgan after the match.

3. Zema Ion defeated Alex Shelley via shenanigans. X Division Champion Austin Aries was ringside eating popcorn.

4. Gail Kim defeated ODB with Eat Defeat. No. 1 Contender Madison Rayne was ringside with Gail Kim.

5. AJ Styles defeated Robbie E. in a TV Title match by DQ. Styles was about to finish off Robbie E., when Daniels and Kazarian come out and attack Styles causing the DQ.

Segment: Sting came out to the ring and acted all sad when Bobby Roode interrupted. Bobby said he has to be here for retirement and Sting responds by going in Joker Mode, putting on his face-paint and saying that Roode lit a fire under him. Sting says he and Roode will FIGHT at the Victory Road PPV. Roode then tries to cheap-shot Sting but Sting blocked it and hit a low blow of his own.

Xplosion Taping

1. Mickie James and Velvet Sky defeated Rosita and Sarita.

2. Robbie E defeated Eric Young.

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