The Gold Standard: Top Five Moments Of The Week 2/29/12-3/6/12

Two weeks in a row! I do not deserve a pat on the back for that! Now, what I do deserve a pat on the back for is managing to come up with five moments for a week where I didn’t even read ten books. Seriously, fifth weeks are awful, more so now that DC has little to no catering to it with the New 52 primarily stretched across the four weeks that we get every month. Half of my non-digital stack wasn’t Marvel or DC, let’s put it that way. So let’s start this up!

5. FF #15

With a title like “The One Where Power Pack Shows Up”, and with the cover of the issue being what it is, there was absolutely no surprise here. That said, it still made for an awesome moment. Especially when Katie decks Bentley. Little asshole probably deserved it.

4. Hack-Slash #13

I absolutely adore intrepid detective Cat Curio and everything about her. Sue me.

3. Justice League #6

Who will stab a God in the eye? Wonder Woman, bitch.

2. Amazing Spider-Man #680

I don’t know what the best part about this is. Johnny reenacting Risky Business? The Human Torch statue as a microphone? The fact that he’s singing along to Friday (Friday)? It’s perfect.

1. Amazing Spider-Man #680

Really, this one should be #2, but it would have totally disrupted the flow. Spidey is such a dick. And this week was so small, and there were so few great moments to throw in here!

Have a good one everybody!

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