John Cena Continues WWE Attitude Era Style Behavior Towards The Rock on Twitter

As part of their continuing war of words both on WWE Monday Night Raw and through various social media networks, John Cena posted a couple of graphic tweets towards The Rock over the weekend as WrestleMania 28 fast approaches:

On Saturday, Cena tweeted videos of his recent workouts as he prepares to face Rocky at WrestleMania. He then responded to Rock’s recent Raw digs at Cena:

Tweet 1. “This is why @therock thinks i got #ladyparts cause he heard i had a strong #snatch 225lb #WM28,” Cena said. Cena later tweeted,

Tweet 2. “Oh and @therock my mom is sweet but tough and says if yer starving for #sex that bad.. Then go f#ck yourself 🙂 #WM28 #mymomwouldwhipya”

CB’s Slant: That’s so — what’s the word — ah, yes, ATTITUDINAL of Cena, isn’t it?

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Source: PW Torch