The Voice – Battle Round Four

This is pretty late since the last battle rounds episode of The Voice aired on Monday, but better late than never, right? I’ll be brief since the recap is so late, but click through to read what I thought of the final six battles and then head to the comments to tell me what you thought!


Team Cee Lo – James Massone vs. WADE singing “True Colors”

This was an interesting song choice, but with Cee Lo you never get the usual. I was intrigued to see how James would do since the blue-collor-Boston-boy-turns-smooth-R&B-singing storyline is odd enough, let alone the song he’d be singing. And for his part, James was pretty worried about the song not being his style. And listening to the duet, I have to say that this song wasn’t my style. It just wasn’t something I really enjoyed. The coaches preferred James, and that’s who Cee Lo chose — Ben Affleck will be proud. And he’ll probably ask him to ditch the hairband.

Team Adam – Nicolle Galyon vs. Mathai singing “Love Song”

There was something I really liked about Mathai during her blind audition, and I felt like Adam chose a great song so I was excited to hear this duet. But for Nicolle, a piano playing country gal, it wasn’t as good a fit – but her voice is so pretty. The duet had weak moments, but I still liked it. Mathai’s voice is limited, but I love her sound. The coaches overwhelmingly preferred Mathai, and that’s who Adam selected.

Team Christina – Moses Stone vs. The Line singing “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

This was the duet I was waiting for – how would Christina manage pairing up a rap artist with someone else for a battle? She opted to pair him with her country duo, The Line, resulting in an even more bizarre performance than any of us expected. And in choosing a rock song, Christina didn’t play to anyone’s strengths. As we learned, Moses was able to sing as well as rap. But what really distinguished Moses from The Line was charisma – even a cute tambourine couldn’t give The Line the stage presence and confidence that Moses had. The coaches were split on who they’d choose, but Christina decided to go with Moses and I was glad she did. His presence will bring an interesting dynamic to the lives shows.

Team Adam – Karla Davis vs. Orlando Napier singing “Easy”

Originally Adam picked “Rich Girl” for this duet, but it was too high for Orlando and Adam made the smart decision to switch it up. This wasn’t my favorite duet, but I preferred Karla’s easy (ha!) talent to Orlando, and I was pleased when Adam chose her.

Team Blake – Naia Kete vs. Jordan Rager singing “I’m Yours”

There’s a reason Simon Cowell hates this song. It’s really easy – I think anyone can sing this song, and I think that because I can’t sing but I can sing this song. But since this is basically an anthem for dreadlocked hippies (I say that in a positive way, I really like this song) it seemed obvious that Naia would win this battle. Jordan is a country singer, he just couldn’t compete on this track. And poor Jordan was so stiff and nervous on stage, I fear anyone could have beat him. The harmonies on this were painful. This was…disappointing. Blake made the obvious choice and selected Naia to move on.

Team Cee Lo – Justin Hopkins vs. Tony Vincent singing “Faithfully”

Cee Lo cries a lot, doesn’t he? Maybe he got that fluffy white cat to soak up his tears. Anyway, I knew this would be a good performance. Both guys are fantastic singers, and I enjoyed their duet so much that I really didn’t think about who I’d choose. I didn’t want to choose. But I guess, if I had to, I’d say Tony outshone Justin, and that was who Cee Lo chose.

And now we move on to the battle rounds! Who do you think has the stongest team? I feel good about Team Christina this season, but it’s still a little early to say. What do y’all think?