The Culling Spoilers: What 3 Classic New Teen Titans Make Their New 52 Debut In Superboy #8?

Superboy #8 is a The Culling Prelude. That will be an event that features the Superboy series, the Legion Lost title and the Teen Titans series.

In this week’s Superboy#8, 3 old school New Teen Titans make their New 52 debut.

The first is Omen. However, her appearance appears to spoil Teen Titans #8 that ships April 25th. I don’t recall Omen showing up in Teen Titans #7 or Superboy #7 so, unless I missed something, this would be Omen’s first appearance in the New 52. She appears in a flashback for Superboy as he recalls events that happen in 2 weeks 🙂 while fighting the first appearance of Grunge of Wildstorm Gen13 fame. [I’ve also included the cliffhanger narrative from Teen Titans #7 (above) that positions Omen in an interesting way.]

The next two debuts feature a very non-green and non-hairy Beast Boy as well as a blonde Terra as the cliffhanger to Superboy #8. These will be two of the leads of the new Ravagers New 52 series (although on that series’ debut cover Terra appears to be a brunette) spinning out of The Culling teen crisis.

May can’t come soon enough!

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