Young Justice Invasion: Where’s Roy Harper & Who Is The Mysterious Competitor? (Spoiler’ish News)

In this week’s season 2 episode 4 called “Salvage”, not only did we witness the return of the remaining missing members of the original Young Justice season 1 team, but we also had major developments in the Roy Harper subplot begun last season.

For folks that recall the fun from the end of season 1, we learned that the Roy Harper who graduated from Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy to Red Arrow, was in fact a clone created by the same Cadmus folks that created the TV series’ Superboy. In the finale of season 1 we saw the Injustice League abandon the Cadmus labs, but take a few a things they believed would be useful in the future. This included “Match” the bizarro Superboy clone and seemingly a one-armed original Roy Harper / Speedy in stasis.

Now, in this week’s episode we learned a lot about the Roy Harper clone, who is desperately searching for his original template Speedy, and has fallen on hard times in that search. The Guardian (who is also a clone) Jim Harper is revealed to be the brother of the Roy Harper clone (now this could also refer to the actual blood relationship of the original Jim Harper and the original Roy Harper…. aarrrgggghhhhh… too much familia…). This occurred during an intervention where Kid Flash mad his season 2 debut alongside Nightwing, Green Arrow, the retired Gaurdian and Black Canary. We also learned the original Speedy was never a member of Young Justice. The Roy Harper clone was a found member of the team.

We also learned that in the 5 year gap Cheshire, the sister of Artemis, married the clone Roy Harper and they had a daughter named Lian. πŸ™‚

That should make many comic book fans happy who were quite upset at the downward spiral Roy Harper took a few years ago before DC Comics’ relaunch. In a short period of time for Roy, not a clone, in the DCU lost his arm, saw his daighter Lian killed, and a result saw himself relapse into a painful drug habit. Fans were up in arms (pun unintended) over these developments and a seemingly darkening DC Universe. This occurred in the Justice League: Cry for Justice series and the subsquent The Rise and Fall of the Justice League mini-crossover.

Well, it does seem that on TV, between the real Roy Harper and his clone copy we saw the rebirth of Lian and the loss of an appendage. Well, it is certainly a different world.

In addition, to finally get her husband out of his funk, it looks Chesire called in all her favors and has a lead on where the real Roy Harper might be. These appears to be setting another major storyline of Young Justice: Invasion namely the “Search for Speedy”. This is alongside the other running mystery of the season which is “Who is the Competitor” that has aligned his alien self with the Injustice League. We hear his voice for the first time this episode, see his shadow, and witness some kind of sonic power.

Fun times ahead.

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