Harrak’s Quick Quips: Live From Raw 6.11.12 (Complete W/Photos & Video)

Coming to you live from Hartford, CT tonight for my Raw review. Let’s hope it’s a damn good show!

– Yes chants are far out weighing the No chants.

– Tons of Woooos, even without Flair on WWE TV for years.

– Typical WrestleMania package opens the show.

– HUGE pop for HHH on the video screen.

– Steel Cage hanging over the ring.

– Big pops for Drew McIntyre & A-Ry in the dark match.

– Pretty weak effort from both Riley & Drew.

– “Road Warrior” pop for Zack Ryder. Wow.

– Ryder vs Hennig opens Superstars.

– Close to a sellout except for the upper deck behind hard camera tarped off.

– Ryder pins Hennig in a good match.

– Usos vs Primetime Players next.

– Slow match but Usos definitely over with the crowd.

– PTP botched their finish & had to do it over. No reaction from the crowd whatsoever.

– Commercial for No Holds Barred popped the older fans.

– Split crowd for the Cena chants. “Yes” chants still winning out.

– Johnny really over as a heel for the live audience.

– Holy crap that was a pop for Vince.

– REALLY hot crowd tonight. Can’t even hear most of this promo.

– Matching Sheamus against Tensai showed just how big and cut Sheamus really is.

– Absolutely no one here cares about Tensai.

– Four way elimination match went over really well here. Except for Khali of course.

– Tensai & his minion are in the ring throughout the commercials

– Almost complete silence for the Tensai segment. People were completely uninterested.

– Ricardo wrestling in his tux is fantastic.

– Santino and Richardo have surprisingly fantastic chemistry.

– No mention of Truth’s broken foot, even among the most hardcore fans here.

– HUGE (babyface) reaction for Daniel Bryan on the Tron. It really has been non-stop tonight w/the Yes chants.

– On a side note, covered in glitter thanks to a stalker type fan of Beth Phoenix & his very feminine sign.

– Yes chants followed by What chants? God I hope Bryan & Steve Austin are never in the ring together.

– Fantastic “second base” line from Bryan.

– Once you go Bryan, you never go tryin’!

– Gotta love the Goatface.

– CM Punk can make this crowd chant anything.

– AJ is playing the psycho little fan girl perfectly.

– So far this has been a pretty stacked show but all the matches have been announced during the show. Here’s hoping people turned in or the rating will not reflect the show.

– Nice applause from the crowd after the John Cena Make A Wish Video package.

– Surprising little response for Christian & none for Khali. Looks like Ziggler has the biggest following in this match.

– Has Khali ever lasted past the first person in an elimination match?

– Great triple threat match once Khali was out. Saw Ziggler getting this match maybe next month but No Way Out is just as great.

– Damn Ryback is impressive.

– Way to “be a star” Vince.

– I’m thinking we see Kofi come off the top cage tonight.

– Pretty lackluster reaction for Big Show.

– Weeeelllllll that was boring.

– The only interesting thing about that match was Hawkins’ glow in the dark pants.

– Just a full storyline match but a fun one. Loved AJ sitting like Punk in the ring after the victory.

– Ziggler is even getting pops during the Smackdown commercial.

– While people did get on their feet for Cena’s entrance, it was by far not the loudest. Maybe it’s just a tired crowd, we have been watching 4 hours of wrestling.

– Isn’t this the same promo Cena cut on The Rock & Brock Lesnar?

– Don’t know how it translated on TV but live it didn’t look like Big Show connected at all.

– After the show ended, trainers revived Vince who sold the punch like he could stand or walk on his own.

– For the dark match, John Cena took on the Big Show, John Laurinitis & David Otunga with Big Show accidentally knocking out Otunga & Cena picking up the win. Cena rounded out the night by AAing Laurinitis & spending some time ringside with the fans.

– People just filed out once the dark match was announced. Not a good sign for the No Way Out buyrate.

– No advertised WWE title match between Daniel Bryan & CM Punk.

To see a full gallery of all the photos, please click HERE and scroll down.

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