DVD Review: Dynasty (The Sixth Season)

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The Moldavian Wedding Massacre was one of the most horrific cliffhangers in TV history. Fans of Dynasty spent the summer fearing their favorite character had been slaughtered by the revolutionaries that raided the marriage of Amanda Carrington and Prince Michael. How could such a royal event be marred? That’s what happens when you have the ceremony on a primetime soap opera. You want a wedding without blood thirsty terrorists, check into General Hospital. More nailbiting was performed by a fearful cast members cast wondering if they’d start out the season in a bodybag. This was a great way for the producers to eliminate talent that wanted a raise without wasting a dedicated “special episode.” Nobody wants to get written off the top show on TV. Dynasty: The Sixth Season Volume One and Two answers the question of who survives and what can the Carringtons do to top that cliffhanger.

“The Aftermath” separates the living and the dead from the chapel. Not to completely spoil the episode, but only two of the Carringtons party didn’t survive. They weren’t major characters. The rebels claim to have killed the King of Moldavia. Those that didn’t get pumped full of bullets found themselves taken hostage. A revolutionary army costs a lot of money to arm and maintain. They have to figure out a fast way to make a buck since there was no Kickstarter website back in 1986. Luckily for the rebels, they’ve got the best investment possible: Krystle (Linda Evans) and Alexis (Joan Collins) in a dungeon. Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) becomes their sugardaddy since he needs to cough of millions to get them released. Are the revolutionaries going to stick with the deal or will they need a little extra to cover expenses. There’s also rumors the King isn’t dead and might get released with another fat check from Blake.

Dynasty started off the season at the top of the Rocky Mountains, but started to slide as season six progressed. Why? Because Sammy Jo’s big plan to screw over Blake wasn’t a major winner. She plan involves newcomer Rita. The woman’s an amazing look-alike for Krystle that just needs a little plastic surgery tweaking. Rita is also played by Linda Evans in the fine Soap Opera tradition of evil twins. They kidnap the real Krystle to make switcheroo. The goal is for fake Krystle to break Blake’s heart, file for divorce and take a nice chunk of the Carrington fortune which they’ll pocket. The Rita angle wasn’t that beloved by viewers.

Alexis gets upset when she discovers her latest husband is sleeping with another family member. This doesn’t break her will to be evil. It inspires Alexis to double down her effort to destroy the Carrington empire. She hatches the most diabolical scheme yet. It’s extremely effective since the season cliffhanger involve Blake choking her. While not quite as dramatic as the wedding, audiences were eager to see Joan Collins turn blue. Will she be alive at the start of Season 7 or be carted off in a bedazzled body bag with shoulder pads?

The Episodes
Volume 1
“The Aftermath,” “The Homecoming,” “The Californians,” “The Man,” “The Gown, “The Titans” (Two-parter), “The Decision,” “The Proposal,” “The Close Call,” “The Quarrels,” “The Roadhouse,” “The Solution,” “Suspicions,” “The Alarm” and “The Vigil.”

Volume Two
“The Accident,” “Souvenirs,” “The Divorce,” “The Dismissal,” “Ben,” “Masquerade,” “The Subpoenas,” “The Trial” (Two-Parter), “The Vote,” The Warning,” “The Cry,” “The Rescue,” “The Triple-Cross” and “The Vendetta.”

The video is 1.33:1 full frame. The image brings out the details in the expensive and outrageous 1986 fashions. How did they get their hair to stick up in so many ways? The audio is Dolby Digital mono. The levels bring out the constant shock and dismay of the characters. The episodes have subtitles.

No bonus features.

Dynasty: The Sixth Season, Volume 1 and Volume 2 reveals the survivors of the Moldavian Wedding Massacre. Although after the attack, the Carringtons aren’t done with the little country. The big push for the season is the fake Krystle destroying Blake, but Alexis won’t take a backseat to backstabbing. You can get both volumes packaged together at a lower price.

CBS DVD presents Dynasty: The Sixth Season, Volume 1 and Volume 2 Starring: John Forsythe, Joan Collins and Linda Evans. Boxset Contents: 30 episodes on 8 DVDs. Released: July 3, 2012. Available at Amazon.com.

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