Big Brother 14 – Willie’s Gone

Why is summer so busy? Here is a TRIPLE, review of the happenings of the housemates at Big Brother.

Big Brother – POV #1

“What happened bro?”

Frank is confused with as to why Willie nominated him. Willie says he wants to be bros with him, it’s just he doesn’t trust Boogie. Why can’t these two make it work?

“Those girls are up to something”

After the nomination ceremony, the coaches reflect. Dan realizes he needs to help Kara a lot because she is a little shy. Boogie thinks it won’t be hard to save Frank while team Barbie and Skipper celebrate how easy this game is. They keep laughing, but I really don’t see the joke.

Boogie tries to convince Janelle to pick on Dan’s team but really he is trying to see if Janelle and Britney are working together.  Boogie then goes into full investigation mode and asks Britney if she is working with Janelle. Let’s back up a second. This is the first conversation Boogie has with Britney and it’s day 6. He actually introduces himself. Bad move Boogie. At first his conversation with Britney was civil but it somehow ended with him saying, “If a replacement nominee isn’t from Janelle’s team, it’s on!” That Boogie is dramatic.

When Britney tells Janelle of this conversation the girls are even MORE determined to take down Boogie.  Janelle wraps it up the best saying, “Boogie is such a toolbox!” I mean look at this picture.

Extra, extra!

Spin Cycle

For the VETO competition the three extra players are Danielle, Shane and Wil. Before the competition both Frank and Kara approach Shane to convince him to use the Veto in case he wins. Why didn’t they approach Wil, huh? Kara’s attempt to get Shane on her side was weak. Her plea was borderline “I’ll do anything for you.” Geez Kara have some respect.

The Veto competition has the housemates in a giant Laundromat in the search for exact change. There are coins all over the Laundromat and guess what they have to crawl through? Bubbles! Man oh man these producers LOVE bubbles. As the competition moves forward, Frank, Willie and Shane are way ahead of the rest. While Willie is constantly finding small change and throwing it in, Frank finds a huge pile of $1 coins BUT he can’t seem to throw it in. It gets close but eventually Shane is the winner. Hey Kara, get ready to do anything!


For the rest of the episode, Shane has a decision to make. Does he save the hot chick, the other guy, or not rock any boats so early in the game? He goes for the third and most safe option of just letting the nominations be. End of episode.

Other Thoughts:

  • Anyone else notice the theme song update? Thoughts?
  • Ian seems less creepy this episode. If you want people to like you, you should kick yourself in the face.
  • How awkward was that moment when Jojo gave Shane the POV and he went in for a kiss?

How much does Shane look like Parks and Recreations’ Adam Scott?


Big Brother Eviction #1

Yeah, Thursday night means Julie night. Tonight’s outfit is OK, for a maternity dress. But I don’t think girlfriend is pregnant. (Yes, according to my Google news she is not pregnant.)

The perfect fight

Julie warns us that there was a huge fight in the house between Willie and Frank so the first half-hour of the show is dedicated to showing the build-up. The show starts with Willie promising Frank he wants to keep him. So how do we get to all the yelling? The answer is BRITNEY!

Yo, Britney! Calm Down

It’s only been a few days and Britney is already getting very paranoid. Whenever Janelle talks to Dan, Britney’s suspicions heighten. Are they working together? Then while eating cereal and staring at the wall of photos, Britney comes to the conclusion that the coaches will be competing in the game because their pictures have key holes next to them.  Therefore the coachers will become the coachees. Yup, I made up a word.  To Britney, it’s the only thing that makes sense! She then shares her idea with Willie, who takes it as a fact.

No Coaches Club

Willie, sits on the information for a few hours and then out of nowhere decides to call a house meeting, BUT without the coaches. This was hilarious! All the housemates collect in the HOH and Willie starts a witch hunt saying everyone should stop listening to their coaches, because the coaches will be players soon. BLAH BLAH!  I was impressed with Joe speaking up saying Willie is jumping to conclusions. Poor Wil he just doesn’t want to talk strategy for a while. Well he states he doesn’t want to talk about it for 24 hours.
The funniest part of the whole meeting was the fact that Boogie was asleep the whole time.

Do you hear a gay slur?

After the meeting Willie, Frank, and Britney discuss what just happened. Willie mimics Wil’s voice and describes how Wil didn’t want to talk strategy. I didn’t think too much of it but as we see next, this is an important plot point.

Frank finds out from Joe that Willie’s plan was to split the vote so no one can tell who voted for whom. Frank feels that Willie splitting the vote doesn’t exactly sound like he is safe. So then Frank decides to tell everyone that Willie was making fun of Wil. Joe wasn’t happy with this at all. He tells Wil. Wil isn’t happy. And holy this got out of hand quickly. The rumour built to a point that Willie was using a gay slur! WHICH DIDN’T HAPPEN! Britney tries to defend Willie and then tells him the whole house is against him. Then Willie confronts Frank.

“You threw me in the dirt!”

Willie is very upset with Frank because he was trying to save him. Then the guys argue about whose game this is. (The answer is: America’s) Then Willie says he wants Frank to go home this week. Willie also states that he is not going to feel uncomfortable or be awkward in this house. When he wants to go to the kitchen he will go to the kitchen and “eat some food, Froot Loops or whatever!” Frank’s response? “Eat your Froot Loops, whatever!” I see a new tagline for Froot Loops.

“Froot Loops, eat it in a white-hot rage, or whatever.”

Mike chimes in that Willie isn’t the boss of the house and is acting like a bully. Oh my God! There is nothing I HATE more than when reality shows belittle the issue of bullying and just use it because it’s a “hot topic.”

Eviction Time

Frank makes a speech and it starts off ok, then he gets on his soap box about bullying. Over it! Poor Kara’s speech is boring and forgettable, like her.  The votes go like this, Danielle, Frank and Jojo vote out Frank while Jen, Joe, Ian, Ashley and Wil vote out Kara. Looks like Barbie and Skipper got exactly what they wanted. Good-bye boring Kara, you were too boring for this world.

The Shy Playboy Playmate (Oxymoron?)

During her exit interview, Kara says she was probably too shy and not aggressive enough. She really thinks Dan is a good coach but so far Dan only has one person left. He ain’t so good. Kara watches her goodbye messages. Danielle sends a sweet message, Joe just yells at her, and Shane mentions how sexy her legs are. Poor Shane, now who will he have mediocre chemistry with? Julie tries to make Kara feel better by reminding her, Hugh Hefner tweeted: “Go Kara.” Eww!

BB Burglar – HOH Competition

The HOH game was a classic memory game. Julie informs us that the houseguests were woken up multiple times to see news bulletins about a BB Burglar. I love seeing the housemates all sleepy. Britney does not look so good first thing in the morning.

The house guests needed to remember what the burglar did in the clips. Julie tells some true or false questions and the housemates fall like this: Shane was out first, then all the housemates get out on a question so it’s down to Wil and Frank. It’s close for a few rounds but eventually Frank is the winner! Willie, immediately walks away into the house. He’s a bad sport just like Rachel.

Another Twist!

The Coaches learn that the Coaches’ Competition will have higher stakes. This time they have an option to switch a player.

Oh, I can’t wait for the next episode. It will be so DRAMS DOT COM. (Trademark Allison)

Other Thoughts:

  • The announcer states that Shane the house flipper didn’t “flip the house.” You really blew that pun very early in the season announcer.
  • Frank is rocking some Tom’s. My boyfriend is wondering if guys wear them. Well Frank does.
  • First, how hilarious is Wil? Second, is that a Nova Scotian tatan hat?

My friend mentioned this, but isn’t it odd how Willie is always hiding his lap under covers or with a pillow?

Big Brother Nomina…what happened?

Wow! That was a dramatic episode. Let’s recap shall we?

So after the nominations, how are the coaches doing?

  • Dan tells his last player he will do whatever it takes to save her. How did this guy win before?
  • Boogie recreated the classic “chill-town” diary room entry with Frank. It’s just as annoying as ever.
  • Janelle thinks Britney can’t control her Willie. (Tee hee!)
  • Britney knows that Willie is a liability and contemplates switching him if she wins the coaches competition.

“No, you listen to me”

Britney confronts Willie saying how terrible his game is and he needs to calm down. I am pretty impressed how easily she stands up to him. At one point she says he is egotistical. (My friend who was not really watching in the room asks, “He has an extra testicle?” LOL!) This conversation doesn’t really resolve anything but Willie does admit he has a problem. As we all know, that’s the first step!

And they call it nerdy love

So how adorable was Ian’s Slop Date with Ashley? They got dressed up, he picked her up and got her a flower. It was hilarious how this whole segment started off with Ian saying he should ask Ashley out on a date. He thinks they get along because the other day they talked about pizza. (Giggle!)  She seemed a little uncomfortable saying yes to him but during the date they got along. Ashley does like nerdy guys with glasses. During the date, Ian discusses the difference between organic and inorganic. Someone hose these two down.

Can’t Touch This (specifically the floor)

For the coaches’ competition the backyard is like a super fresh urban setting from the 90’s. The name of the game is moving stacks of money on a balance beam and stacking them on the other side. They can’t drop the money or touch the ground. That ain’t hard. Did I mention the “hammer pants” the coaches are wearing force their legs open? (I know, too many jokes right?) Therefore, they can only shuffle along the balance beam. As the game starts Britney is in the lead but sadly she drops some stacks. Boogie and Janelle are close to finishing when Boogie stacks his final cash. HOWEVER, Boogie got so excited to make a, “How ya like me now?” type comment, he jumps off the beam before hitting the buzzer. What a dumb move. Within seconds Janelle wins!

Janelle has the choice to switch a player or save a player and she decides to save Ashley. Then she is left to choose all the Have Nots and surprisingly she picks all of Britney’s players plus Ian. Why did she turn on Britney?

Willie goes all Willie-Nillie

Willie is not happy being a Have-Not and is acting like a big baby. He tries to rally his team members but Britney shoots him down quickly. She instructs Jojo and Shane to no longer speak to Willie and to distance themselves.

Willie tries to make things better with his teammates by telling Janelle and Frank to not punish them for what he has done. No one seems to acknowledge the gesture. Willie becomes more agitated that no one will listen to him or talk to him. Then as he sits at the kitchen he says everyone in the house is being… well I don’t know because it was blurred out. Then Joe says… well I don’t know again because it was also blurred.

Then Willie charges at Joe in the bathroom. Poor Ian tries to break-up the fight while he only wears a towel.

Eventually Willie is called into the diary room and he is never heard from again! Seriously, he is evicted from the house. And then the show it OVER? No nominations?

Other Thoughts:

  • When Boogie shares the image of his son, for a second he seems like a good guy. Then I look up at his hat and it all disappears.
  • Just as I predicted, Shane didn’t wait too long to find someone else to flirt with. Danielle? How can you stand being the second choice?
  • Is flirting with Shane the kiss of death?
  • Let’s go back to the “bullying” comments everyone was saying last few episodes. What do you call it when you instruct others to no longer talk to or ignore someone? Ummm, I think that is ALSO called bullying.