Green Lantern Spoilers: What Are The Guardians Doing?

We’ve been hearing about the Third Army for months now, with the Guardians popping up here and there to be ominous and potentially evil…but this month we finally got some concrete details on their plans. Beginning with how the Blackest Night is what led them down this current path, as their personal Corps was unable to stop it without the other spectrums. That which they deem to be chaos, and thus, their enemy.

The best laid plans take time to enact, and various pieces have to be shifted around the chess board. It began with their removal of Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern and continued with Sinestro being ‘chosen’ to be a Green Lantern…something they hint to being by their design. Manipulate Sinestro and watch him destroy the Yellow Light of Fear for you. Take John Stewart, amp up his guilt, make him feel like he deserves to be punished or shunned…and you have the plot of Green Lantern Corps for the past several months, with him needlessly on trial for making a wartime decision and saving everyone. Guy’s promotion to “Best Lantern Ever” is explained as them building him up to fall like every other “Greatest Green Lantern”, and finally, Kyle. Kyle…well, him they’re just waiting on to come after Ganthet so Ganthet can dispose of him and the other ringbearers in the New Guardians personally.

Once removed, the rest of the Corps would lose spirit and be easier to crush, their brightest shining soldiers all broken and destroyed beneath their feet.

The rise of the Third Army is coming, and they will do more than replace the Green Lantern Corps…they’re going to take over the galaxy. Replace everyone. Insure order by removing free will entirely.

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