WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 9/24/12: C.M. Punk, John Cena, Jerry Lawler, A.J.

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I’m baaaccckkk! After missing last week’s show I return to review RAW this week. Enjoy!

Get Out Here Scab!

RAW started with Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk in the ring. Heyman said RAW would not start until justice is served. Heyman replayed the footage of Punk’s foot being on the ropes last week. Heyman invited the referee to the ring and demanded he tender his resignation. The ref came to the ring and said he made a mistake and that he feels terrible. The ref refused to resign. Punk interrupted him and said he didn’t care how he feels. Punk asked how he got his job. He said when RAW expanded to 3 hours, A.J. called him and said they needed more officals. Heyman gave him a blindfold with a WWE and NFL logo and said he should wear it when he goes to sleep. Punk said A.J. should come to the ring and fire him.

A.J. came out and told the ref to go to the back. A.J. said she refused to let Punk and Heyman hold her show hostage. She asked them who the hell they thought they are. Punk said he’s the WWE Champion, and the reason she still has a job. Punk said he knows why A.J. hates her and played the clip of her proposing to him. Punk said if she forgets last week’s match happened, he won’t play the voice messages and talk about how intimate they got behind closed doors. Heyman told Punk that he would handle it. Heyman mock proposed to A.J. He said they would become more powerful than any other wrestling couple. Heyman said he would come up with all the ideas and she could take credit for them. A.J. slapped Heyman and walked off.

Segment Analysis: That was interesting. Heyman’ mock proposal was great. He made some insider references to people stealing his ideas. It will all play in to A.J. not having control of RAW. Punk’s facial expressions when mocking A.J. were great. Good opening. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Backstage, A.J. told the SCAB ref that if he screws up again, he is fired. She stared blankly into space and then started crying.

Dolph vs Kofi: Match #3688306830

Before the match started, Vickie mocked Little Jimmy. Kofi “accidentally” knocked a cup of water into Vickie. The ref tossed Truth and Vickie. Kofi clotheslined Dolph over the top then hit a backflip over the top. Dolph had control back from break. He hit a neckbreaker and dropkick that got two counts. Kofi avoided a Dolph splash and started coming back. He hit the Boom Drop. Dolph avoided the SOS and Trouble In Paradise. Kofi hit his corner kick and a springboard clothesline for two. Ziggler hit a kick than a fameasser for two. Kofi blocked a ZigZag and connected on an SOS for two. Kofi caught Dolph and went to catapult him, but Dolph caught himself. Kofi ducked Dolph and hit a high crossbody for two. Dolph caught Kofi and tossed him into the ropes and hit a ZigZag for the win.

Match Analysis: These guys wrestle a lot, but they almost always put on a good match. Good to see Dolph pick up a win here. He needed it. They are playing up the refs mistakes here a lot. Nice solid wrestling match. Survey Says: 3.5/5

After replaying the stuff from Daniel Bryan and Kane on Smackdown, they showed footage of Daniel Bryan and Dr. Shelby at a restaurant. Kane was the server and his name was Gerald. He said he took the old cook’s beard and put it in everyone’s food today. Weird but slightly funny stuff.

The Prime Time Players defeated Zack Ryder and Santino.

Have A Nice Day?

Mick Foley came to the ring. He talked about C.M. Punk blindly following Paul Heyman before Punk came out himself. Punk said that if he has something to say to Foley then he should say it to his face. Punk asked if Foley had another kid’s book to sell. Foley talked about how after Punk won the WWE Title last year, he sent him a text congratulating him. Punk text him back saying it meant the world for Foley to thank him. Foley said he worries about Punk following Paul Heyman. Foley said Heyman can only take him so far. Foley said at the end of the day, Paul Heyman will do what is best for Paul Heyman. Foley asked why Punk would need a mouthpiece. Foley said Punk needs to decide whether he is going to be an inspiration in the WWE or a Kool Aid Drinker. Foley brought up Hell In A Cell and said he needs to make a name for himself and beat John Cena there. Punk said he’s heard the same crap speech from everyone. Punk said he would not lower himself and put his hands on Foley. Punk said he doesn’t need to do anything for the people. Punk brought up the length of his Title reign. Foley said in the end no one cares about statistics and that he needs to make a name for himself. Foley said that tonight, Punk will have the opportunity to challenge John Cena tonight at Hell In A Cell.

Segment Analysis: That segment was a mixed bag for me. I liked the intensity of the promo. But why does Foley need to come out and be Cena’s mouthpiece? Just to get fans on Cena’s side? Foley kind of buried Punk’s reign a little, but I liked his line about becoming a legend rather than a statistic. It at least built intrigue to keep viewers tuned in. Survey Says: 3/5

Ryback defeated Miz in a non-Title match.

Daniel Bryan and Kane were eating in the diner. They mocked the scene from When Harry Met Sally, then they showed Mae Young saying “I’ll have what they’re having.”

A.J. made a 6 man tag for later: Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs Alberto del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo. Ricardo called them the 3 Amigos and said Lets Go!

Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd.

Jerry Lawler interview. He thanked the fans for their support and went over the events of that night.

The Mexicans and The Irish Co-Existing?

After multiple commercial breaks the 6 man tag match started. Sheamus tossed Otunga over the ropes. Del Rio and Ricardo tried to save him but Mysterio and Sin Cara took them out. Ricardo eventually found his way to the ring. Sin Cara hit a hip toss. Del Rio hit a kick to the back but Ricardo only got a 1 count. Del Rio was tagged in. Del Rio worked him over then tagged in Ricardo. Ricardo ate a hurricarrana from Sin Cara and both men made tags. Rey got the better of Del Rio. Rey went to the top but Del Rio caught him with a kick to the back of the head. Del Rio tagged in Otunga, who then tagged in Ricardo. Ricardo couldn’t score the pin so he tagged Otunga back in, then Del Rio who hit another kick to the head. Rey fought out of a headlock and rolled through a pin attempt with a dropkick. Rey tagged in Sheamus and he took it too Otunga. Otunga tagged in Ricardo. Sheamus hit his rope punches. Rey came in and hit a 619 then a hurricarrana on Del Rio on the outside. Sin Cara came in and the faces picked up the win. Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick on Otunga after the match.

Match Analysis: Not a lot to the match. Faces dominated the whole match. Why did Sheamus hit a Brogue Kick after the match? That’s not cool. Action was okay. Nothing special. Survey Says: 2/5

Last Therapy segment. Kane ate some lettuce and burped. Bryan ate a meatball and puked. Kane asked for the check. Back from break, the tag champs were in the ring. The WWE Universe decided to call them Team Hell No. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow attacked them from behind. Rhodes said they will be the next tag Champs, the Rhodes Scholars. Sandow said they now have a reason to be angry, and your welcome.

Eve and Beth Phoenix defeated Layla and Alicia Fox. Afterwards, Kaitlyn came out and said the Diva that attacked her was a blond. Eve accused Beth and then took her out. FEEL THE DRAMA!!!

Big Show interrupted a Tensai/Brodus Clay match and knocked both of them out. What was the point of that? Time for me to rip Big Show again I guess.

A Whole Cluster of Huh?

John Cena came out. He apologized to the refs then went on to C.M. Punk. He said C.M. Punk still isn’t the best in the world and turned into just another guy. He called Punk a blah blah blah words that sound like swear words. He said the fact that he has to sit on the bench for a while sucks. Cena guaranteed that he would walk into Hell In A Cell to fight. Cena went on before C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman came out. Punk stared down a red head kid on his way to the ring and pulled his hand back from another kid.

Punk said he doesn’t buy into the crap Cena shovels. Punk said he is the same guy who has been beating Cena in the last year. Cena said to just face him at Hell In A Cell. Punk said that he is not accepting his challenge. He said Cena gets numerous Title chances. Punk ripped the Albany crowd and told them to shut up. Punk said he won’t beat up a one arm man. He said the best thing Cena could do is run. Punk said he will turn his back and count to five, and if Cena isn’t gone, he will beat Cena down. Punk counted down from 5, but Cena had a lead pipe and used it on Punk. Cena said he would see him at Hell In A Cell.

Backstage, C.M. Punk walked up to Mick Foley. He kicked him and walked off. Punk turned around again, and Ryback was there staring him down.

Segment Analysis: That, I don’t know where to begin. That segment was all over the place. Cena made it seem like his career was over even though we know he will only be out a month or so. They are trying to get desperate heel heat on Punk. Cena makes it seem like the WWE Title only matters if he has it. And Ryback? Really? Survey Says: 2/5


The opening segment was good. The Ziggler/Kofi match was good. Everything else was a big ball of meh.The constant talking down of C.M. Punk, his Title reign, and the WWE Title itself are just getting way too over-bearing. And now we have to worry about the possibility of Ryback facing C.M. Punk at Hell In A Cell if John Cena can’t go? At least the WWE is starting to put a focus on the tag division. I can live with Sandow and Rhodes as a team until they hopefully move on to better things. The whole second hour just felt like filler for the most part after Foley and Punk’s stuff. The Daniel Bryan/Kane stuff wasn’t all that funny this week. I’m giving the show a 4.

I’ll be tweeting thoughts from the Smackdown Tapings in Buffalo tomorrow.

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