No Chance – A Series of Unrelated Thoughts

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This week on Raw, Kofi and Dolph Ziggler had a match that really represented some of the best workers that the WWE has right now. These two guys put on what was easily the best match of the night, and one of the better free matches that we’ve seen in a while. There is no reason that these two guys couldn’t have quite a rivalry over the next month or two. It seems that they can work great together, plus there doesn’t seem to be an upcoming cash in for Ziggler in the near future.  And freed from tag team duty temporarily, there’s no reason that Kofi can’t get himself a singles feud.

I would like to officially state that I am refusing the new idea of Team HellNo. How could the name of Team Friendship be so casually discarded? And just when I was starting to trust that there wasn’t some rigging involved in those twitter polls. Come one guys, you got the hug it out stipulation, but you drop the ball now? Team Friendship will always be their name to me.

Speaking of Team Friendship, they are a large part of what could quite possibly be a rejuvenated Tag Team division. For the longest time it has seemed that the titles have been simply laying around, with champions getting unreasonably long title reigns because nobody cared enough to get a feud going for the titles. We’ve simply lacked interesting tag teams for some time now. But now, with Team Friendship leading the way, we have existing tag teams starting to find their stride, and a new development with Rhode Scholars. (A name I happily accept) Now I would like to see a long and successful singles career for Sandow, but if he wants to take a quick stop to help the Tag Team division back up then I’m happy to accept that. Just so long as it consists of pliant Sandow promos.

I have hated everything about this way too long, and way to pointless feud between Sheamus and Del Rio. (That’s a lie, I did like the Lipschitz joke from Sheamus, but that’s it.) However, it could all be worth it, if it is the start to an in ring career for Ricardo Rodriguez. For near a year now, Ricardo has been outshining Del Rio as the more entertaining of the duo and where you have Del Rio right now isn’t working for anybody. So drop them down a bit, and have them tag teaming, with Del Rio constantly have to make up for Ricardo’s enthusiastic, but incompetent style of fighting.

WWE, it’s really hard for me to boo CM Punk when every point he has makes is so reasonable. Yea he berates the crowd, says terrible things about legends (Mick Foley this week) and I think you just might be able to pull it off. But then Punk makes some point that I’ve been complaining about in my little corner of the Internet, and we’re back to cheering for the guy. This week for instance, Punk points out that, you know, maybe some other people might want a shot at the title. Theoretically everyone in the back wants a shot at the WWE Championship. Cena had a shot; in fact he has had three. Sure Cena has the credentials to be a legitimate contender for the tile, and I think Punk and Cena work great together, but if Cena lost his title shot, shouldn’t he have to, in one way or another, earn another number one contender slot? He can’t just call mulligan on his last lost (last three losses) and get a free title shot again. I’m not saying that I don’t want to see Cena and Punk at Hell in a Cell, I’m just saying that if that’s the match we’re going to see, I want legitimate story reasons for Cena to get the shot and not anybody else in the back.

I seriously thought for a second that Ryback had accidentally gotten in the shot at the end of Raw this week. After a way to long period of squash matches, it looked like Ryback was finally getting a storyline with Miz, only to see him, for some reason, moving on to be angry at Punk by the end of the night. I don’t know where they could possibly be going with (My hope is that Ryback is super defensive of Mick Foley) but my guess is that this is only to occupy Punk until Cena’s injuries heel. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Ryback’s buildup, but I would hate to see it all thrown away on a filler feud.


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