Own a Piece of Marvel Animated History

Profiles in History,  the United States’ leading dealer in guaranteed-authentic original historical autographs, letters, documents, vintage signed photographs and manuscripts, has announced the auction of 500 Marvel animation cels on December 1.

Direct from the press release:

“The 500 animation cels presented in this auction are from the 1990’s Marvel Animated Series broadcast on Fox. One of the most popular animated series of the 90’s, the X-Men series, was the longest running Marvel Comics based TV show. Keeping in the tradition of the original comic book story lines, these cels were based on Jim Lee’s character designs. In the past few years, similar cels have sold publicly at auction for up to $1,500 with the average sales being in the $500 to $600 range. All are expected to fetch between $100-$300, a rare opportunity for any collector to own a piece of Marvel history.”

I collect commissioned original art, but if animation cels are of interest to you, those prices seem pretty reasonable coming from my hobby. Especially if you grew up on Fox Kids’ X-Men and the Marvel Action Hour in the 90s; take a look at some of the loot:

A 1997 original production cel on key matching background of “Captain America” and “Wolverine” from the episode, Old Soldiers.

A 1993 original production cel and key matching production background featuring “Rogue”, “Omega Red”, “Jubilee” & “Gambit” from the episode Red Dawn.

A 1994 original production cel and key matching production panoramic background featuring “Gambit” from the episode The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Fate of the Phoenix.

A 1992 and 1997 original production cels and original production background featuring “Rogue”, “Wolverine”, “Storm” & “Gambit”.

A 1995 original production cel and production background featuring “Terrax”, “Thor” and “Galactus” from the episode To Battle the Living Planet.

A 1992 production cel progression and background featuring “Rogue”, “Jubilee” & “Wolverine” from the episode Savage Land, Savage Heart (Part 2). This set up is on an original panoramic background from the studio.

As you prep your wallets for December 1st, you can find more information at www.profilesinhistory.com. And if you outbid me on the Phoenix Saga or Savage Land pieces I will hunt you down like I’m Wolverine and you kidnapped Jubilee. And I’ll be angry because of all the bubble gum I had to sniff to track that.

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