Inside Pulse’s TNA Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2012 Live Coverage Report

Welcome to’s Bound For Glory Live Coverage! Keep it here for all the match by match updates, with the latest in ITALICS!

TNA X-Division Championship
Zema Ion (c) vs. RVD

There is no mention about the X-Division weight limit, as RVD is listed at 247 lbs. (more then 20 lbs. over the 225 lb. limit). Zema with some high flying to start, but then gets cocky and does the thumb pose, mocking RVD, allowing RVD to regain his composure, and tossing Zema to the floor. RVD takes his time in the ring, and Zema is able to leap in and hit a Springboard Tornado DDT for a 2. Zema gets a ton more offense in, and is looking great. RVD fights back, straight kick, Rolling Thunder, 5 Star Frog Splash, pin.
Winner & New Champion – RVD

JB is with Magnus, who says that he is free of political nonsense, and will defeat Joe tonight.

TNA Television Championship
Samoa Joe (c) vs. Magnus

Back & forth, power for power moves from both men. Joe hits a series of strikes, hits the ropes, but Magnus hits a Michanoku Driver for 2. Joe catches a hurra canranna attempt, turns it into Power Bomb for 2, Joe then turns him into a STF, then turns it into the Rings of Saturn. Magnus is eventually able to get to the ropes. Joe gets Magnus on the turnbuckle, looking for the M.U.S.C.L.E. Buster, but Magnus shoves him off, and hits a top rope elbow drop for 2. Magnus is showing some frustration, but goes for a Figure 4. As Magnus turns over Joe’s leg, Joe pulls him down and locks on the Rear Naked Choke for the tap out.
Winner & Still Champion – Samoa Joe

JB is with Roode, who says that Storm has never beaten him.

Street Fight
Special Enforcer: King Mo
James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

The match breaks down very quickly into a fight. They brawl all around the ring. Storm is busted open very early in the match. They fight up the ramp, and go punch for punch with trash can lids. Storm’s face is crimson, so much blood all over the place. Storm charges Roode, but Roode hits a spinebuster on the ramp! They fight back over by the announcers (who are at ringside), and get up on their table. Roode is able to spear Storm off the table, through the SAP table next to it. Roode rolls Storm in the ring, but only gets a 2 count. Roode gets in the Ref’s face, but Mo gets in the ring, and heads off Roode. Mo shoves Roode, and Storm hits a Codebreaker. Storm follows it with a Last Call Superkick for only a 2 count. Storm goes to the top rope, but Roode heads him off, and leaves him up there dazed. Roode gets a bag of thumb tacks, and speads them out. Roode goes for a SUPERPLEX, but Storm blocks it, and shoves Roode on the tacks! Storm then hits a Top Rope Elbow Drop, on the tacks, for 2. Roode crotches Storm, and goes for Storm’s six-pack. Roode has a bottle, and charges Storm, Storm hits a low blow of his own, then cracks the bottle over Roode’s head, and follows it up with a Last Call for the pin.
Winner – James Storm

JB with Joey Ryan, who has a brutal promo.

Joey Ryan vs. Al Snow

The crowd is chanting for HEAD the beginning of the match. Snow is putting on a wrestling clinic to start. Ryan fights back, has some flashy offense. Crowd is still chanting for HEAD, and Snow finally pulls out Head from under the ring. The ref pulls Head away, and Ryan slams Snow into the ref. Matt Morgan jumps the railing, and hits Snow with the Carbon Footprint, and rolls him into Ryan, who makes the pin as the ref comes to for the win.
Winner – Joey Ryan

Ryan shakes Morgan’s hand after the match, and the announcers seem to think there is some sort of an alliance.

JB is with The World Tag Team Champions of the World. They say they will walk away the Tag Champs.

TNA World Tag Team Championship
Christopher Daniels & Kazarian (c) vs. AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez & Chavo Guerrero

Kaz & Daniels duck out of the ring, allowing AJ & Chavo to start. From there, the offense was pretty fast, with each men hitting some big moves. Hernandez hits Daniels with a Boarder Toss, followed by Chavo’s Frog Splash for the pin.
Winners & New Champions – Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez

Recap of Tara & Tessmacher.

TNA Knockouts Championship
Miss Tessmacher (c) vs. Tara

Still no reveal on Tara’s Hollywood boyfriend when Tara comes to the ring. The crowd is pretty flat after that Tag Title match, and this will not jump start them. Tessmacher is on fire, with a series of quick moves, followed by a top rope hurra canranna for 2. Tara then fights back, out-muscling her. Tara puts Tess on the top rope, but Tess shoves Tara off. Tess goes for 2nd rope elbow drop, but Tara rolls out of the way, Tara then hits the Widow’s Peak for the win!
Winner & New Champion – Tara

After the match, Tara brings out her Hollywood boyfriend. Jesse from Big Brother. Taz does refer to him as Mr. Pec-tacular.

Recap of Sting’s Hall of Fame induction.

Recap of Aces & 8’s against Hulk & Sting.

Bully Ray & Sting vs. Aces & 8’s

Bully is done up in some classic Sting facepaint. Aces & 8’s come through the crowd with Joseph Parks. They handcuff Parks to the guard rail. I will refer to Aces & 8’s guys as Plaid & All Black, as I can’t get a read on who either might be, but since Plaid’s arms are showing, he is def not someone with distinguishing tattoo’s (not Gallows). Sting & Bully attack Aces & 8’s as they are finished cuffing Parks. They brawl around the ring for a while. Plaid tosses Bully to the ring steps, then moves out of the way when Sting attempts a Stinger Splash against the guardrail. Sting & Plaid are finally in the ring. When Sting takes the advantage, Long Blonde Haired Aces & 8’s member hits the ring with a chair, and takes out Sting. He spits at Parks at ringside, and Parks snaps, breaks away from the cuffs, and fights him to the back. Sting & Bully clear the ring, and Sting wants the tables. Plaid is laid out on the table, but All Black takes Sting to the floor, and another member of Aces & 8’s hits the ring, attacks Bully Ray, and hits him with a Spinebuster through the table, and then Plaid scores the pin.
Winners – Aces & 8’s

After the match, a few more members come out and attack Sting & Bully. Hulk Hogan makes the save, and is in the ring with Bully & Sting. He attacks the member that put Bully though the table, and he goes to unmask him, and reveals Devon! Sting, Hogan & Bully are in shock, as the other members pull Devon to safety.

Promo for World Title Match

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Austin Aries (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Crowd is surprisingly behind Aries, with the little kids and females clearly supporting Hardy. Back and forth to start the match. Aries has Hardy on the floor, and hits him with 2 suicide dives. Looks like Aries hit the railing, and is bleeding a bit from the 2nd. Honestly, this match is just falling flat for me. Aries has Hardy in the ring and locks on the Last Chancery, but Hardy gets to the ropes. Aries sends Hardy to the ropes, then charges, and Hardy puts his knees up. Hardy then hits a Twist of Fate for 2. Hardy goes to the top for the Swanton, but plays to the crowd, and Aries meets him at the top, and hits a STANDING SUPER HURRA CANRANNA! Aries the hits a Brainbuster, but only gets a 2 count. Aries, frustrated, puts Hardy in the Tree of Woe, then stands on the top turnbuckle, and goes for the double stomp, however Hardy dodges it. Aries grabs Hardy’s back, Hardy is able to spring out of the Tree of Woe, and hit a version of the Stunner. He then hits another ToF, and nails the Swanton for the pin.
Winner & NEW Champion – Jeff Hardy

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