NYCC 2012: Marvel’s Domino Falls In Line With Deadpool Game (Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3)

Marvel’s famed femme fatale and X-Force icon Domino will make the jump from page to pixel in High Moon Studio’s upcoming Deadpool video game. The vixen’s video game debut came straight from the Merc With a Mouth’s mouth at New York Comic Con.

Created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/co-writer Rob Liefeld, Domino is the probablity-altering mutant markswoman who debuted in the pages of X-Force #11 (or #8 if you want to play that card) after several twists and turns from New Mutants #98. Since then she’s been a staple of X-Force, Cable & Deadpool, and the Wolverine-led X-Force Vol. 3. As Cable’s on and off again lover, not to mention a competing mercenary, she has a history with Deadpool that is often rife with friction. Deadpool would probably call it a crush.

Deadpool was first announced as a third-person action game at last summer’s San Diego Comic Con. It was accompanied by a teaser trailer that showcased some shooting and slicing, as well as tantalizing glimpses of Psylocke with promises of more X-Men cameos. The trailer received mixed reactions, my personal favorite being people claiming it wasn’t funny and didn’t capture Deadpool at all, and that High Moon would be better served by working with the actual writer of the current Deadpool comics – that’s funny because Daniel Way is scripting the game; you know, the current writer of the Deadpool comics.

High Moon Studios is best known for their revered Transformers adaptations that seem to satisfy every Transformer fan’s dreams as well as delivering some solidly entertaining and finely tuned gameplay for those of us who just want an action game – keep that in mind. Deadpool is slated for release in 2013 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

With Daniel Way at the helm and X-Men and Domino confirmed, I’d bet my left shoulder pad and right thigh pouches that Cable is on the way. And I’m going rub my four leaf clover for Siryn.

Have I left anything out that you want to see in Deadpool’s solo effort?

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