Young Justice Invasion 3 BIG Developments: Season 2, Episode 13 Fix with More Deathstroke & Green Beetle! (DC Nation / Cartoon Network)

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A lot of this week’s happenings continue on from the previous episode. If you haven’t seen last week’s “True Colors” episode you should do so or you can click here for the developments that are built upon this week.

Here are the Top 3 Developments from this week’s episode – Season 2, Episode 13 called Fix – of Cartoon Network’s Young Justice Invasion.

Season 2, Episode 13, “Fix”

3. Mindful

The episode opens the villanous telepath Psimon about to probe and heal Aqualad’s shattered mind for the Lad’s father Black Manta. Artemis, disguised as Tigress, is worried Psimon will discover that he and her are double agents on an undercover mission for the Justice League and Young Justice. She darts him using her dad Sportsmaster’s toxin that should knock out Psimon for a few weeks. However, before he collapses, he realizes Tigress is Artemis, but luckily he hasn’t stepped into Aqualad’s mind… yet.

As a result, Artemis / Tigress convinces Black Manta that perhaps Miss Martian left a telepathic virus in Aqualad and that she will kidnap her to put Lad’s mind back. Manta sends her with Deathstroke. During a battle with Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy, Artemis and MM telephathically communicate; MM makes the battle look real, but lets Artemis / Tigress capture her.

Deathstroke puts an inhibitor color on her that negates all of Miss Martian’s powers. To effect her work on Aqualad, Manta has Deathstroke just restore her mind powers. Deathstroke is out-of-range, but monitoring in case something goes amiss to which he can explode the collar and MM with it.

Miss Martian and Artemis go into Aqualad’s mind which is represented by a destroyed Atlantis. A representation of Tula, Aqualad’s first love, fends of MM while Artemis explores and meets a representation of Aqualad. She coaxes him to some memory and progress. In the real world Manta is pleased with the progress, as Aqualad has now spoken, but MM indicates it will take a lot more time to bring Aqualad back to full capacity. Can MM do it before Psimon comes to in a few weeks? The race is on.

2. Thirsty?

The Green Beetle of Mars reveals that the additive The Reach has put into farm products and into its new power drink – which gets a cheezy commercial – make humans over time docile and susceptible to conquering, but also allows The Reach to isolate those with the Metagene. Humanity’s new wave of super-humans will be under The Reach, and The Light’s, control if the drink actually goes world-wide.

1. Friend or Foe?

The episode opens with Miss Martian asked by Nightwing to mindprobe the Green Beetle to determine if he is friend or foe. Telepathically she scans him, but he realizes that she is reluctant to do so. As a result, he pushes his thoughts to her so she isn’t undertaking the invasive scan that Nightwing wanted. After she reads through what the Green Beetle projected, she tells Young Justice that he is a friend. However, as she didn’t do the scan herself, I think viewers still wonder about whether the Green Beetle projected false thoughts to get the friend stamp.

Also, the episode ends with the Green Beetle somehow – after being prodded by the Blue Beetle – disconnecting BB from any control from the scarab… or does he? Blue Beetle has all the power, but none of the influence or the scarab inner voice?

I do think the presence of the Green Beetle from Mars is intriguing as is the mystery around him/it. Friend or foe? I don’t know.

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