From the Inside – 10 Questions With Alpha Males Experiment Star Paul Alessi

It’d been so long since I’d thrown Knuckle Draggers into my DVD player that I nearly forgot that I still owned the screener.  Oddly enough I had to track it down from the handful of friends who I’d loaned it to over the years; it was with my buddy Nick the Stand-Up who also had a copy of …Around , another great indie film that hadn’t made its way to DVD just yet.

So I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up on my Amazon Wish List as something I would be interested.  Leave it to Paul Alessi, who stars in the film, to sit down with me over e-mail for 10 questions about the film and the experience.

10. It has been nearly four years since you and I first discussed your film. Now it’s finally coming to DVD. What took so long?

Well that is one loaded question and if you have a few hours I’ll fill you in 😉 but to keep it as short as possible. We had some legal and clearance issues, which were not fun at all. I learned a ton and hopefully will never have to deal with issues like that again.

9. Who wanted the name change between “Knuckle Draggers” and “Alpha Males Experiment” … you guys or the distributor?

The distributor

8. Are you happy with the name change?

At first not at all but it’s growing on me.

7. “Alpha Males Experiment” going direct to video instead of with a true theatrical run. Are you disappointed you never got to show your film in theatres, properly?

Yes of course I am disappointed we didn’t get a true theatrical run. Actually we were offered a smaller release (30 screen platform release) but it didn’t make sense financially with the P&A costs that would have to be recouped.

6. Looking back on the film now, after a ton more roles ¬and exposure, what’s the most memorable thing from the film for you as a whole?

The most memorable thing for me is how well we all hit it off and got along. We just bonded to make this small indie film happen. Looking back we all had chemistry together even though some of us just meet the day of shooting. I have made some true-life long friends that nothing came replace. I am very gratefully for that.

5. How has this film influenced your work since?

LOL well I learned a lot and I feel I still have a ton more to learn; now with that being said we all become better filmmakers. Going back to the question prior it not that easy to get a group of people that just bond and have an amazing time working together, that is something that I cherish and try to duplicate every time I work.

4. You’ve worked in every facet of the industry outside of directing and writing. Do you have any interest in doing work either area at some point in your career?

Yes I do, I have collaborated on writing a bunch so far and I do enjoy it. I am not sure if I’ll ever sit down solo to write a feature film, but who knows. Now Directing is definitely something I have interest in doing but my passion right now is still acting and producing.

3. Grab Bag question from our readers: Do you consider the film ‘fun’ or ‘funny?’


2. What’s next on the horizon for you?

I have a few projects in motion right now. One of which I am very excited about that just wrapped and you’ll be hearing about it very soon but for now contractually I can’t say much about. I am on the producing team of “The Dominion” which is in production now working with Kimber Eastwood and Richard Lowry. I am about to go into production on a project with Troy Duffy. I am also in development in what I think are two amazing project one of which is with two good friend of mine a Chris Brinker who unfortunately just passed away Friday morning and Sean Patrick Flannery. I also have another project is with my Partner In Crime Alex Ranarivelo which I can’t wait to share with you.

1. No question here … but what do you want to plug?

Please support Indie Film and “Alpha Males Experiment” any way you possibly can. If you do have the chance to watch it please share your thoughts and ratings on IMDb, Netflix, Itunes, Amazon, Best Buy and so on and if you like Music we have a killer Soundtrack. The Alpha Male Experiment – Original Soundtrack Album with some amazing artists including Jennifer Love Hewitt & Sophie B. Hawkins, Keaton Simons, Serg Flo, Grammy Nominated and winner of Special Merit Award Austin Wintory and many others. You can find it on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Xbox Music, Google Play, Rhapsody and many others

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