Comedy Corner: Modern Family, Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother, Community, New Girl, The Mindy Project – Week 18 Reviews

funny fridayThis week:

  • How I Met Your Mother
  • New Girl
  • The Mindy Project
  • Cougar Town
  • Modern Family
  • Community


How I Met Your Mother – “Weekend at Barney’s”
I can sum up my dissatisfaction with this episode of HIMYM in one quote “And kids, for the first time, I really meant it.” Ted told his kids that he finally was truly ready to settle down, which undermines THE ENTIRE PREMISE OF THE SHOW. Ted has been ready to settle down since we met him. He would have settled down with Robin or Stella, had they wanted to settle down with him. Ted is supposed to be a guy who has been looking for the right girl and can’t find her, and the only thing delaying him as been the writers of this show. It’s ridiculous to pretend that he has just been dicking around this whole time. I call foul! The rest of the episode was mediocre. I am so ready for the final season of this show.

new girl nickNew Girl – “Tinfinity”
Interestingly, I think New Girl is avoiding the very problem that HIMYM is suffering from by now dragging out the Jess and Nick stuff. There’s been movement, in a real, confused human kind of way. They have chemistry, but aren’t necessarily in the right places to be together. They kissed, and now it’s awkward – and the episodes dealing with that awkward fallout from the kiss have been stellar. And the best part is, the true gold from this episode was the Nick and Schmidt stuff. Alan Sepinwall at had an interesting story this week on the writing process for this episode, and it says a lot that the anniversary party is the one part of the script that the writers never questioned or changed. The rest of the episode they struggled with, and while it had some hilarious moments (Zooey Deschanel stuttering “Wh-who?” was amazing), it was weaker than usual. But the Nick and Schmidt relationship never fails to deliver, and as a result I loved this week’s episode.
Best moment: The port-a-potty was hilarious – just, everything about it.

mindy seth rogenThe Mindy Project – “The One That Got Away”
It should come as no surprise that I loved this episode of Mindy, as it was built around You’ve Got Mail references – my all-time favorite movie, which yes, was my favorite movie before I was a fan of Mindy Kaling. My affection for the film is very much wrapped up in nostalgia. As said in previous weeks, the working/dating girl aspect is what works about this show, and I loved everything about Mindy’s quick fling with Seth Rogen, a childhood friend who’s now in the military. I liked that Mindy was mature enough to not get too bummed out when Sam (Seth Rogen) had to leave – she knew it was coming and handled it like an adult. To me, this wasn’t merely stunt casting. It was a chance to use a guest appearance from an actor to explore how Mindy can be more adult about her romantic relationships. Danny’s sperm donor story fell kind of flat, but I enjoyed his over the top respect for Sam enough to make up for it.
Best moment: “Can someone get this man a sandwich? And not a wrap, but a real sandwich?”
Runner up: “You ever get your period? That was a big thing last time we talked.”

Cougar Town – “You and I Will Meet Again”
I was worried I wouldn’t like this episode, because I’m not a fan of a Laurie-Travis romance. I’m not sure I will ever be OK with it, even though I think that it feels pretty inevitable at this point. The rest of this episode made me so happy that the  will-they-or-won’t-they aspect of it didn’t really matter. I liked the Jules and Grayson stuff, and I thought Bobby’s parenting skills (both in how to break bad news to Travis and in giving Andy advice) made him the MVP this week.
Best moment: Tom as Jules’ cheerleader. I need to get one! Apply within.

communityCommunity – “Alternative History of the German Invasion”
Another disappointing episode of Community. It’s had a rough start this season that has revealed how the show might not work without Dan Harmon, and has also illuminated some problems the show may have had before his departure. This episode had a few funny moments for the study group, but even more awkward clunkers – like the gang screaming at the erturn of Chang, and Pierce electrocuting himself. And it still felt a bit repetitive. The idea that the study group sees themselves as outsiders, but are seen as villains by the rest of Greendale, is not new. The German guys felt like recycling the joke from the foosball episode. I really hope Community starts to pick up, because watching it now is just uncomfortable.
Best moment: “No one’s even willing to consider that I might be the Hitler of the group?”

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