CB’s Slant: TNA Says Goodbye to the Impact Zone, Takes Impact Wrestling on the Road for Good (Video)

It was the venue that plucked Clare Lynch from Universal Studios obscurity, the TV stage where Ric Flair got iced. It was the place where Christian Cage and Abyss beat the living hell out of each other, and where Gail Kim main evented against Awesome Kong. This was the TNA Wrestling Impact Zone, home to such memories as the O Zone, the Direct Insurance Auto Insurance corner, the 8-sided ring. And last night, TNA said goodbye to the Impact Zone for its Thursday TV shows, once and for all:

CB’s Slant:

TNA Impact Zone we knew ye well
we saw many brave men and women swell
your piped in cheers and jeers cast quite the spell
with the heaviest hearts we bid farewell

Impact Zone can’t you see?
That’s all from me — CB

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