Green Lantern Spoilers: Do Hal Jordan And Sinestro Escape The Dead Zone?

Having been trapped in the Dead Zone for the last several issues, both Hal and Sinestro definitely wanted out, but Baz was the only one with a ring. Their ring, technically, as the combined¬†consciousness¬†of the two is what led it to Simon in the first place. He’s a little bit of both of them. Sinestro opts to try and take it by force, and is able to display just how awesome he is when Baz comes at him with HIS ring.


Green Lantern 18-006Eventually a light opens up and B’Dg tries to pull Baz out, and that’s when the ring goes ahead and makes a copy of itself. A single copy. Hal and Sinestro fight over it, both equally worthy, but only one can escape this hell with a ring on their finger.

Green Lantern 18-016

And, of course, it’s the angry one. Sinestro is back, and the First Lantern is going to have a field day.

But what of Hal Jordan? Left alone amongst the dead in a world where he is both dead and alive? During Baz and Sinestro’s escape, Black Hand was brought in along with his ring. A ring that Hal can’t use because, well, he isn’t totally dead yet.

Green Lantern 18-017 Green Lantern 18-018

But will he change that? That is the real question. Will he kill himself so he can return as a Black Lantern and go off to fight the First Lantern? Prophecy says yes.

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