Age of Ultron Spoilers: Who Rules New York?

With the world…well, America at least, completely devastated by the forces of Ultron, our heroes are in something of a bad situation. Their mightiest have fallen, their hopes broken, and now they know that Ultron is apparently letting people trade him people in exchange for leniency.  That was what Owl and Hammerhead intended to do with Spider-Man, at the very least. This creates an option, well, an idea at least. Maybe the heroes could ‘sell’ one of their own to the insane robot to get intel on the situation and maybe mount a counter attack. Luke Cage and She-Hulk both want to be the bait, as both can take a beating. Luke winds up being the delivery man, Shulkie is the package.

Age of Ultron 03-011

Yes, he did actually knock her out before hand. Gotta make it look real. Anyway, he takes her deep into the city until an Ultron Patrol arrives,and he declares he wants to make a trade. They escort him to a giant structure, and bring him up inside of it to meet their leader. Only…it isn’t Ultron.

Age of Ultron 03-019

It’s the Vision.

Age of Ultron 03-020

Just when you thought that our heroes couldn’t be any more screwed over…Ultron takes control of his son. I wonder where his legs are?

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