10 Thoughts on TNA Impact Wrestling! – 4.04.13 – 10 Man Tag Team Match, Bully Confronts Brooke, Gutcheck Challenge

Well… after a few weeks of dedication, my cable gets disconnected for two weeks ANDDD then Spike switches channels on me so my DVR doesn’t record it. NOW, I’m back. Have I missed much? Well let’s get started…

1. So Taryn Terrell got fired from her refereeing job? I guess I missed that. Velvet Sky and Taryn Terrell vs Tara and Gail Kim with Joey Ryan as the new Knockout Division referee. This match seems lopsided. Joey Ryan though! He’s hilarious with all of his sleazy antics ‘getting into position’ to count pinfalls. Or not count rather. And then Gail Kim flirted with him to get him to count for her. Followed by Taryn giving Ryan a low blow. Hilarious match thanks to Joey Ryan.

2. So apparently next week is like a PPV TNA show except it’s free and on Thursday. Next week we will see a Two out of Three Falls match for the TNA Tag Team Championship between the champs Bobby Roode and Austin Aries vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez with the stipulation that if Chavo and SuperMex lose then they have to split up. Please let the champs retain although this should be a good match.

3. So GutCheck this week features two veterans as we have Adam Pearce who has been on the Indy circuit for 17 years and Magno who has been wrestling in Mexico for 13 years doing Lucha Libre. Not a bad match here. Pearce looked a lot more experienced than Magno and has a size similar to Samoa Joe. Magno is a really large lucha star. He looks like he’s 6’0″ and moves pretty quick for such a big guy. A little sloppy, but that seems to come with the lucha style.

4. Hulk Hogan comes out and demands to know where AJ Styles stands and James Storm follows him out to tell him to leave if he’s joining Aces and Eights. AJ Styles continues being mysterious and not saying anything. I’m glad for the character change in AJ Styles, but I don’t want him to join up with Aces and Eights. He would disappear in that fold quickly. A wild card outsider not in either group works better for him.

5. Sonjay Dutt?! Mason Andrews aka Scorpio Sky?!?! AND Petey Williams?!?!?! This should be good! Big fan of Scorpio from PWG and I loved Petey just due to the Canadian Destroyer. So this is my first experience with the new triple threat format. Pretty entertaining match with Petey Williams winning with the Canadian Destroyer. Does anyone else think that Petey kind of looks like a younger Tim Roth?

6. Holy crap are we already at the 10-Man Tag Team Match? Well then. Time to start expanding some thoughts. Joe is one of my favorites in the ring as he can be serious and intimidating while being goofy and comical and maintain importance. That’s hard to do. For instance when someone jumps off the top rope, Joe just walks away. Badass while comedic.

7. I guess Eric Young was added to the group of Team TNA for some comedy because otherwise he really doesn’t fit the team at all. But if he was added for that reason then why was Joseph Parks added? Ah oh well. I just think they would be better utilized elsewhere. Just kind of like Santino being used in a main event feud.

8. Not a bad match here. The Aces and Eights win the 10 Man Tag Team match with a low blow to take down the Wrestling Lawyer who was on a roll.

9. I love the fact that the Aces and Eights have their own entrance. It makes them separate from the TNA roster and that’s important. It’s sort of like the older days where the heels would have a separate locker room than the faces.

10. Bully Ray’s delivery of the condescending, sexist ‘man of the house’ lines were great. Plus the tease of the envelope containing divorce papers only turning out to be a front row ticket to next week’s show was fantastic. My only hope is that they will turn Brooke Hogan as her as a face just isn’t that interesting. However, her and Bully standing together glaring at mad Daddy Hulk would be great.

A great go-home show for next week’s semi-PPV. Jeff Hardy gets his rematch against Bully Ray for the TNA Heavyweight Championship, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode defend their TNA Tag Team Championship against Chavo and Hernandez in a two out of three falls where Chavo and Hernandez have to split if they lose, Gail Kim goes toe to toe with her rival Taryn Terrell, and AJ Styles gives his decision. Pretty good show it looks like. Thanks for reading!

And quite frankly my dear… that’s a wrap!

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