DC New 52’s WTF Certified Gatefold Cover Month Slips Into May 2013 With Aquaman #19 & Justice League of America #3

For its April 2013 WTF Certfied Gatefold Cover Month, DC Comics has released 43 of its 52 covers thus far.

According to Diamond Comics, two Geoff Johns penned books are moving from an April 24th shipping date to a May 1rst shipping date: Aquaman #19 and Justice League of America #3.

So, April 2013 will feature DC’s New 50 instead of New 52. πŸ™‚ Kidding aside, I am eagerly awaiting these 2 books in particular. Geoff Johns knows how to knock stories out of the park.

Stayed tuned for those 50 covers here at the Comics Nexus by tomorrow.

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