WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results for 4/29/13: John Cena, Ryback, Triple H, The Shield

Is John Cena really injured? If so, will we be forced to sit through a possible Ryback WWE Title reign? Follow along to find out!

What A Lucky Ref

RAW starts with a triple threat match between Big E Langston, Zeb Colter and Ricardo. The winner gets to pick the stipulation for the World Title Match at Extreme Rules. Zeb left the ring and let Big E go after Ricardo. Big E hit a shoulder tackle then a couple of backbreakers. Big E speared Ricardo in the corner. Ricardo jumped out of the way of another and Big E went right into the post. Ricardo and Zeb took turns punching Big E. Zeb and Ricardo had a stare down, allowing Big E to come in and hit a spear on Ricardo. Zeb tried getting involved, but Big E scared him off and Zeb faked a knee injury. Big E hit a belly to belly on Ricardo. Alberto del Rio came in and took out Big E, Dolph took out Del Rio as Swagger clotheslined Dolph and Big E out of the ring. Zeb went to pin Ricardo, but A.J. broke up the count by blocking the ref’s arm from coming down. What a lucky ref. Ricardo rolled up Zeb to pick up the win.

Segment Analysis: That was a different kind of opening. It wasn’t a technical masterpiece by any means, but it was fun and different. ADR gets to pick the stipulation at Extreme Rules. Survey Says: 2.5/5

John Cena came out with 3 Make-A-Wish kids. Nice moment and good job by the fans to not boo them or Cena during the segment.


Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes. Orton started with a couple of headlock takedowns then an elbow to the face. Orton tossed Cody over the top rope but he pulled himself back up and hit a drop kick. Orton hit a second dropkick. Orton hit an uppercut and then some punches in the corner. Rhodes grabbed Orton and threw him into the corner and went to work with some kicks. Orton blocked a suplex attempt and hit one of his own. Orton hit a knee drop for two. Cody worked his way out of a wrist lock and hit a dropkick. Cody tossed Orton into the corner but he bounced right back and hit a clothesline. Cody rolled to the outside but Orton hit a clothesline out there as well. Cody got out of the middle rope DDT. Orton went for a surprise RKO but Cody countered out of it.

Back from break Cody and Orton exchanged punches on the outside. Cody went back into the ring and hit a Disaster Kick on Orton, sending him to the outside. Cody rolled him back into the ring and got a two count. Cody applied a chinlock that Orton got out of, but he hit the Goldust uppercut. Orton tried fighting back but he ran right into a Cody boot. He hit an elbow to the back of the neck off the top. Cody went to the top again, but Orton crotched him on the turnbuckle. Orton hit a superplex off the top rope for two. Orton went into ORTON MODE where he hit most of his usual offense. He hit the middle rope DDT. Cody countered an RKO attempt and hit Cross Rhodes, but it only got a two. Cody went for a Disaster Kick, but Orton caught him with an RKO for the win.

Matt Striker came in the ring and asked Orton if he was still haunted by Big Show turning on him at Wrestlemania. Orton said he was more focused, then caught Cody Rhodes with an RKO.

Match Analysis: That was a surprisingly good match. Cody hasn’t been getting a lot of time on TV lately so it was nice to see him get a good match with Orton here. Not surprised to see Orton pick up the win here. If Cody had an actual storyline to build on he would have got the win. Nice change of pace match with Cody looking strong in defeat. Survey Says: 3.5/5

Nikki Bella beat Naomi after Twin Magic. But the ref somehow figured out they switched and ruled Naomi the winner via DQ. The Bellas attacked after the match.


The Shield came out. Dean Ambrose said they have brought justice to an injustice world. Rollins said they tore down the wall of injustice and not a person who has stood in their way has been able to stop them. They showed pictures of their attacks on various wrestlers. Ambrose said on Smackdown they force fed justice to The Undertaker. He said The Shield bows to no one. They replayed their attack on Undertaker. Ambrose said that when justice strikes, it gets fed without mercy. 3MB randomly came out. Heath Slater said that they had unfinished business. They brawled with The Shield getting the upperhand. Team Hell No came out, but The Shield bailed. Instead Team Hell No took out 3MB.

Segment Analysis: That was a bit of an odd segment. The Shield promo felt a bit forced. 3MB coming out was weird and while it played into what happened a few weeks ago, it just didn’t fit. Odd segment. Survey Says: 2.5/5

Match #3495829845

Kofi vs Dolph, AGAIN! Kofi took Dolph out with a kick then a splash off the middle rope. Dolph applied a headlock. Kofi fought out and hit an elbow. Dolph blocked an SOS attempt but Kofi caught him with his corner kick. Dolph came back with a kick of his own, knocking Kofi off the apron. Back from break Dolph had a chinlock applied. Kofi fought out of it, but Dolph tossed him into the corner and hit an elbow. Dolph hit a neckbreaker. but he missed a splash in the corner. Kofi started a comeback with some kicks then a dropkick and a jumping clothesline. Kofi hit the Boom Drop, but Dolph ducked Trouble in Paradise and hit DDT for two. Kofi hit the SOS for two. He hit Trouble in Paradise, but A.J. put Dolph’s foot on the ropes. Big E tried reviving Dolph, but Kofi took him out on the outside. Kofi hit a crossbody off the top for two. A.J. distracted the ref, Kofi knocked Big E off the apron. They exchanged near falls. Kofi catapulted Dolph into the corner. He went to the top, but Dolph moved and then hit the ZigZag for the win.

Big E hit his finisher twice on Kofi after the match.

Match Analysis: Nothing that we haven’t seen before, but it was still an entertaining match. Can’t complain about whenever these two are in the ring, it is just that you would like to see them face different opponents every once in a while. Survey Says: 3/5

Kaitlyn and A.J. exchanged words backstage. Kaitlyn then got a hat from a secret admirer. Oh great, one of these storylines…

A HHH/Brock Lesnar video package aired.

Ryback said John Cena has left him alone to face The Shield for the last time. Vickie said it would be Rybacl and Team Hell No vs The Shield. Ryback said been there, done that and he didn’t trust them.

Jack Swagger defeated Zack Ryder. Ryder got some offense in and attempted a comeback, but Swagger hit a gut wrench powerbomb then won with the Patriot Lock.

Is This RAW or Summer Camp?

Mark Henry came out and asked for two opponents. Tensai came out and Henry beat him in a Tug of War. He then beat Brodus Clay. Sheamus came out and challenged Henry to a tug of war. Henry said no, so Sheamus asked if he was afraid. Henry changed his tune and told him to bring it on. Henry almost had it won, but Sheamus let go of the rope and Henry fell. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick on Henry.

Segment Analysis: That was, well, I don’t know. Just seemed unnecessary. Survey Says: 1.5/5

Team Hell No told Vickie and Brad Maddox they still wanted a match against The Shield. She agreed to it. Vickie told Brad there was one more thing she needed him to do. Back from break, John Cena told Brad Maddox he was fighting tonight no matter what.

Jobberville’s Newest Member: Antonio Cesaro

Alberto del Rio vs Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro hit a suplex. Del Rio caught Cesaro in the corner with a kick to the arm. Cesaro fought out of an armbar by biting Del Rio, then applied an armbar of his own. Del Rio got out of it with a jawbreaker, then a hurricarrana. Del Rio hit some kidney punches then a back stabber. Cesaro escaped a cross armbreaker attempy by bailing to the outside. Cesaro had a chinlock applied back from break. Cesaro hit a gut wrench slam than a European uppercut in the corner for two. Del Rio tried fighting out of a back drop but Cesaro still connected on it. Del Rio caught Cesaro with a kick to the face and he started his comeback with some kicks then a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Del Rio hit a suplex for two. He went to the top, but Cesaro caught him with an uppercut but only got a two count. Del Rio moved out of the way of a Cesaro charge and Cesaro went right into the ringpost. Del Rio hit a kick to the head for two. Cesaro countered a cross armbreaker attempt into a pinfall for two, but Del Rio went right into the cross armbreaker again for the win.

After the match, Del Rio chose a Ladder Match for the stipulation for the World Title match at Extreme Rules.

Match Analysis: Another strong match. I still prefered Orton/Rhodes but this one was solid as well. It sucks to see Cesaro getting pushed down the card like this, the guy deserves better. I like the Ladder match stipulation at Extreme Rules. Should be a good match. Survey Says: 3/5

Great Khali defeated Fandango via fan vote in a dance off. Fandango attacked after the match and hit his top rope leg drop.

Cena, Selling An Injury???

Main event time. Kane and Ambrose started with Kane hitting a suplex then an uppercut. Ambrose made a quick tag to Reigns who ate a clothesline then elbow from Kane. Rollins came in but ate a boot from Kane. Kane landed some punches in the corner. The ref tired breaking it up but Kane grabbed him and Cena tagged himself in. He hit a couple moves but aggrevated his bad leg so Bryan tagged himself in. Ambrose came in but Bryan hit some knees to the back. Kane hit a boot to the face, Bryan came back in and hit a corner dropkick then some more kicks. Kane missed his top rope clothesline and they started to take control into commercial. Back from break Bryan fought out of a submission hold but Ambrose took him out with an axe handle. Bryan tried fighting back but Rollins caught him with an enziguri kick. Reigns applied a headlock then connected on a Samoan Drop for two. Reigns charged at Bryan but Bryan ducked and Reigns went flying over the top.

Bryan tagged in Kane. He threw Rollins over the top and hit his clothesline off the top on Ambrose. Kane started taking apart the announce table, but Ambrose caught him with a DDT on the floor. Kane beat the ten count in, but Ambrose went right back to work. Kane hit a chokeslam on Ambrose after he mimicked the Undertaker then tagged in Cena. He went into CENA MODE!!! He caught Rollins off the top rope and went for an AA, but Cena’s injured Achilles bothered him. Reigns hit the Spear and The Shield picked up the win.

Ryback came out after the match and watched on from the stage.

Match Analysis: Once again, another strong match from The Shield and on this RAW. The WWE is doing a good job selling Cena’s injury and getting the crowd to believe that Ryback has every advantage heading into their Extreme Rules match. It is still likely we get The Shield vs Team Hell No for the Tag Titles, although they could just do the six man tag again if Taker wrestles. Every member of The Shield has their own unique traits in the ring that they all stand out on their own. Good showing from all parties involved to end the show. Survey Says: 4/5


That was a pretty decent episode of RAW. The highlights of the show? The FOUR good matches that were on it. Sure Cody Rhodes or Antonio Cesaro could have used the win, but they still put out impressive performances. Especially Rhodes, who I am surprised got so much time in the ring with Orton. The opening tripe threat was unique and fun for what it was. I wasn’t a fan of the tug of war segment, or the dance off for that matter. The Shield continues to look like they will be a strong focus of RAW in the months moving forward as the WWE will probably look for them to take control of the”CM Punk Audience” who will miss his presence on the show. Some solid wrestling and not too much filler, I’m going to be nice and give this show a 7.

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